When I first purchased my Nexus 6P, I bought myself a budget clear Orzly case, as a stop-gap until my preferred Google case was available. However, I’ve now had a chance to try a similar case, but this time from Spigen.

Both have lots in common – a flexible, transparent case with cut-outs for the camera, fingerprint reader and USB socket, and covered power and volume controls. They are also around the same price too. However, the build of the Spigen is different. Instead of using a soft material all-round, as per the Orzly, this uses it for the sides and the camera surround but a harder material for the back. This gives a much firmer fit and a clearer view of that gorgeous all-metal rear. The camera cut-out too is full width, very advantageous for Android Pay usage.

The result of this? It feels a lot firmer with a better all-round fit (the Orzly had obvious movement and sagging around the edges). The buttons too are a lot more responsive.

However, that harder material comes with a disadvantage – the edges are less comfortable in the hand and the USB socket cut-out on the bottom has some sharp corners (unfortunately, I tend to hold my phone with that section resting on one of my fingers).

I’ve heard some people criticise the cutout for the finger print reader – it’s certainly smaller than the one on the Orzly but it has a sloping edge to it which I find works very well.

The packaging consists of a slim box containing the case inside a plastic bag. A plastic film covers the case itself to protect it further. A card inside has an authentication certificate on it. Bearing in mind the box proudly boasts of “green” packaging, I’m not convinced – that’s an awful lot of plastic to cover what is a case that should be able to rattle around inside a cardboard box without getting damaged.


A good quality case – really sturdy and, yet, slimline. The only downside are those slightly hard, and in some cases sharp, edges.


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