The ieGeek OTG cable it a rather neat multi-function USB cable to allow to you connect your phone or tablet to a multitude of other devices for data transfer or charging (providing up to 2.4A of power). “On the Go” (OTG) functionality of many phones allows you to connect standard USB devices (keyboards, memory sticks, etc), assuming you have the right connecting cable.


ieGeek OTG CableOn one end of the 1 metre cable is a wide socket, on which is a male micro USB cable and a full-size female USB. On the other end is a full-size male USB connector. This, rather splendidly, can be converted, via a hinging mechanism, to a male micro USB. This gives the following connection combinations…

  • Male micro USB -> Male Micro USB
  • Female USB -> Male micro USB
  • Male micro USB -> Male USB
  • Female USB -> Male USB

Quality is good but nothing breathtaking – the convertible USB connector is neat but a little difficult to move. It looks to be a generic Chinese product that ieGeek have simple re-branded their own (a simple sticker on the connector and one on the packaging) but I’m assured this isn’t the case.

Speaking of packaging, this consists of a simple, zippable plastic “pocket” in which the cable is housed, secured by a couple of a cable ties. There are no instructions on use.


It works very well if this is what you need. In the past I’ve only ever really needed a single type of connector – micro USB to full USB. In this case such a cable is just a few pounds, so paying just under six pounds for this would be overkill. None-the-less, if you have need for multiple connections then this is cheaper and a lot easier than a bagful of separate cables and/or adaptors.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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ieGeek USB OTG Multifunction Cable

ieGeek USB OTG Multifunction Cable


9.0 /10

The Ups

  • Lots of connections in one simple package
  • Genius converting connector!

The Downs

  • A little pricey if you don't need all the connections