Let’s get this out of the way first. These are an obvious rip-off of Sony headphones (in particular the discontinued Sony MRD-W08L), even down to the use of the XDR suffix (used by Sony for their headphone ranges) and the “Sonxtronic” name, which is even stylised in a very similar way to Sony. Indeed, compare these headphones with aforementioned Sony versions and they’ve been copied very accurately, even down to the light grey sections on the side. But these aren’t the Sony versions.


In fact, these are incredibly cheaply made and feel as if they’ll fall apart in your hands. The headband is over-flexible and the cable feels as if it will snap at any moment. They remind of a cheap, orange foam covered, set of headphones from the 1980s.

The packaging hardly oozes quality either, as you open up the snap-plastic surround, you’re presented with product details of a piece of card that, again, looks very retro. The English translation has been done badly (my favourite – “FOR WOMAN AND MEN”).

And, here’s the thing – put these on and they sound surprisingly good. They fit comfortably (sideways) in the ear and, yeah, actually sound pretty good. Unlike the XDR headphones of Sony, where this suffix usually means they’ve got an enhanced bass, these are pretty neutral with no particular emphasis. Personally, I prefer it that way as if I want anything else, I’ll use an equaliser to adjust it.




So, they look ok, feel rubbish but sound quite nice. The elephant in the room though is that price – I would seriously not spend £25 on headphones that are so cheaply made, however good the sound is. Long term reviewers also indicate that the build quality means longevity suffers too – especially poor as these are designed to be used during sports.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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Sonxtronic XDR-8000 Headphones

Sonxtronic XDR-8000 Headphones





Value for money


The Ups

  • Good sound
  • Comfortable to wear

The Downs

  • Poor build quality
  • Expensive