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I’ve reviewed a lot of the SoundPEATS Bluetooth headphones and, it seems to me, that each one is a progressive improvement on the last. The Q20s are like the Q12s, with their magnetic backs. However, unlike the Q12s, the magnets do something – turn the headphones on and off. They are also of a different design, with these having a square shaped back to the earbuds, rather than rounded.

When I received them, I took them out as they were and they fitted in my ears wonderfully – really quite comfortable. As soon as you seperate them, a voice command tells you they’re switched on. They paired easily and I was soon listening to music through them. Putting them back together again and they powered themselves off – the idea is that when not in use, you can wear them around the neck.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here… let’s go back to the basic details.

On the short cable that runs between the two earbuds is a remote control with 3 buttons on it – these buttons, depending on how many times or how long you press them, perform numerous functions from changing the volume to activating Google Now. However, I didn’t find that buttons as responsive as with previous SoundPEATS headphones, which was a little disappointing. On one of the ear-tips is a USB charging connection.

These are another set of headphones that are kept in your ears (bearing in mind the bulkiness of them – they are wireless after all!) via rubber hooks. These actually work really well. You get a selection of different sized hooks to try, as well as different rubber ear-tips.

They take about 2 hours to charge and will then play for approximately 5.5 hours. Bluetooth range is the usual 10 metres.

They have both apt-X and CVC noise reduction which, for the money, are brilliant additions. apt-X, assuming you have a transmitting device with the same technology, provides an improved quality of audio via Bluetooth. CVC, on the other hand, provide noise assistance for phone calls – yes, you can use these headphones for taking calls as well! And do they sound any good? Yes. And, like the Q12s that came before them, there’s more bass than in previous models. These are no Beats, but I think these sound more rounded and “normal”.

The already excellent packaging has been improved further by an all-black box with silver writing on it, making it look more professional than before. Once you get through this you have the normal hard carry case, containing headphones, USB charging cable, cable clips, and alternative ear tips and hooks. As before, I’m not so keen on just how many cables ties and, particularly, plastic bags are used – there really is no need, for example, for the headphones to be a in plastic bag when they’re already inside a netted section of a hard case, inside of a box. Now it’s even slightly worse by a polythene wrapper around the box, which is a new addition.



As with past SoundPEATS headphones, these represent excellent value for what you get. In this case, a feature-packed set of Bluetooth earphones with good sound.

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