It’s quite a surprise but there are few, simple storage products for Blu-rays. If you don’t want to start buying and assembling large wooden media storage structures or use a large wire tower then, well, this is pretty much your only option. There are others available but these also charge controllers, hold your console, and numerous other things – all at a higher price and with storage for less discs. Indeed, this only became available a few weeks ago.

The tower comes boxed in 4 pieces – each part coming in its own bubble wrap bag. If that wasn’t OTT enough the top of each side has its own plastic cover to protect it (quite how damage is going to occur when it’s already covered in a bubble wrap…).

Assemble isn’t difficult once you realise that the horizontal sections have to go in a particular way around – this isn’t shown on the instructions on the back of the box! And, yeah, it holds DVDs. Both on the Venom website and on Amazon it states…

Also designed so you can stand another unit on top

Which, although technically true as you can stack one on top of another, you wouldn’t do it. The glossy, shiny top means it doesn’t sit very securely. I purchased two myself to do just this so was left disappointed – I’ve had to put them side by side. Even when not stacked you’ll find that the product isn’t particularly stable if discs are put in the top and not the bottom, so you really have to stack them the other way up.



I wouldn’t recommend stacking them and they’re a bit pricey as well. On top of that some ridiculously over-the-top packaging, but their main selling point is the fact that they work and alternatives are few and far between.

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