With battery life barely improving on smartphones (and, let’s be honest, the current interest in Pokemon Go) anything that can help is greatly appreciated. To this end, the power bank has come popular – essentially a portable battery which you can connect to your phone, to top it up when you’re away from the mains.

And the Jackery Titan S is a monster. Weighing around 435g and 15 x 2 x 8.1cm in size, this is not light or small in the hand, but then it is encased in a lovely, rounded aluminium surround. Adding to that weight is the 20100mAh of batteries inside. To put this into context, this can recharge my Nexus 6P nearly 6 times before it needs a recharge. That’s a lot of power.

But it wasn’t just the power that interested me but more the fact that it has a USB type C connector on it, as does my phone. My existing power bank didn’t and therefore couldn’t “quick charge”. This does. In fact the USB type C socket is a two way charger too – you can charge devices from it but you also use it to recharge the Jackery too.

Alongside that are two, full size USB sockets. One is a Quick Charge 2 socket, for those devices that support this standard, and the other provides up to 3A of power, depending on the device connected. So, for my phone, I can connect my Nexus 6P to this latter socket and get the full 3W “Quick Charge”. Next to these sockets is a round power button. Just above this, on one side of the Titan, are 4 LEDs which indicate the current charge level. And that’s it. It’s all rather minimalistic.

Anyway, I took it away on two week holiday and it worked brilliantly. It takes an age to recharge the Jackery itself but it’s expected considering it’s large capacity. There are some mild scratches appearing on the case (although they states it’s scratch resistant it’s going to happen!) but nothing too bad.

Packaging consists of a simple box with a paper wrapper around the outside, on which are printed the product details. Inside, the power bank is held snug, so there is no need for an extra protection being added to the product – brilliant! The cables are held in a seperate compartment, one held together with a small wrap of transparent plastic and the other a cable tie – the inconsistency, I suspect, based upon the enclosed instruction leaflet, is that one of the cables wasn’t originally included, so this has been added at a later date. But, yes, there’s a small user guide included too. It’s all neatly done with excellent recyclability.



It’s heavy and quite large but it packs a punch! It looks nice and it simple to use. And, yes, they include the cables too (which many don’t).

You pay a price for that capacity but, still, it’s a highly recommended product. Oh, and you get an 18 month warranty too!

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