After using a 6 inch fan by my bedside for many years, and watch it fall apart recently, it was time to upgrade. My final choice, and one I’m extremely happy with, is a USB powered version, which is just 4 inches yet blows better than the one it replaced.

The Minhe does this by having two fans, back-to-back – the rear one sucks the air in, whilst the front one then blows it back out. It’s matt black plastic (a white version is available) and can be tilted up and down. Two strength settings are available via a small, rotating switch on the front. The rear plastic cage can be easily unscrewed so that you can access the fans for cleaning. And that’s it. It’s powerful, for its size, and sips power through its USB connection. I’d particularly recommend this as a stylish addition to a desk (the black version, certainly).

If I had an issue with it, it’s that the black version comes with a white USB cable, which ruins the look a little. But, yeah, that’s the only negative I can think of.

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