With my daughter heading off to University in the next of weeks, we’ve been looking at tech discounts that are available for students in the UK. And I’ve picked some of the best…



You’ll get wireless Beats headphones when you buy an eligible Mac, iPad or iPhone for university. In the case of the Mac, it’s a pair that are worth £242.40, and for iPhones and iPads, it’s worth £152.40.

On top of that there are discounts up to about 10% – £339 on Macs and £50 on iPads.

Visit Apple Education Offer


Amazon gives free 6 months of Prime membership to students and then it’s half price afterwards.

Visit Amazon Student


Microsoft will provide the online version of Microsoft Office for free, including 1TB of online storage.

Visit Office in Education

There are also a number of discounts available on hardware – e.g. 10% off Surface.

Visit Microsoft Student Store


You can get 69% discount (plus one month free) on Adobe Creative Cloud – just £169.56 for a year.

Visit Adobe Creative Cloud for Students

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