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Again, I’m reviewing a SoundPEATS product but, this time, something a little different. The P2 is a small, waterproof, Bluetooth portable speaker. And, for the money, it is, once again, cracking value for money.

A square, but colourful, package, measuring just 3.86 x 3.54 x 1.97 inches, you can choose between blue or green highlights. Taking up the majority of the front and back are black speaker grills. The styling around this, including the colouring, does offer any practicality and, to my mind, isn’t particularly exciting. Personally, I’d have preferred something a little plainer.

On the top are 4 rubber buttons – one is obviously for power and the others, marked as minus, play/pause and positive are all multi-functional. On the top of the front is a light which indicates current status (power, charging, pairing, etc). There’s even a microphone and you can use the P2 to take and make phone calls!

On one side is a rubber flap, revealing a USB socket for charging and an auxiliary audio port, for wired audio connections (a cable is included for both). On the underside is a bike connector. A rubber wrist strap is attached to one corner and can be undone via a Philips screw.

The whole thing is IP65 rated which means dust shouldn’t get in and it can take a heavy shower of water. I think, maybe, the instructions need updating, though, as they state that the warranty can be invalided by “Damage resulted [sic] from liquid”.

It’s rechargeable too, with a 2000mAH capacity battery for up to 6 hours playback (although, on Amazon, they state it gives up to 10 hours).  It has a pretty standard Bluetooth range of 10 metres, with pairing easy to do. However, unlike their headphones, this lacks the voice instructions, which is a shame.

Sound wise, as with other SoundPEATS, it’s excellent with, surprisingly for the size, a decent amount of bass. Disappointingly, this doesn’t boast the usual apt-X compatibility.

When it comes to packaging, SoundPEATS have stepped up a level, but only just. A pretty standard cardboard product sleeve covers a recycled cardboard box. Inside, the speaker sits with no further packaging on it, which is excellent. Sadly, that cardboard sleeve and the enclosed instructions don’t appear to be made from anything recycled and the plastic cable ties around the included audio and USB cables aren’t particularly “green either”. A shame that the environmental aspect of the packaging has only gone so far. But, yes, an improvement.



Another excellent, value-for-money product from SoundPEATS. Pretty average looking but nice sound and excellent waterproofing means this can be taken pretty much anywhere. For the money, I think this would be hard to be beaten!

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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