Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way first – this is a USB 2 flash drive that I’m reviewing and, I’ll admit, I don’t get it. USB 3 prices have come down so much that I don’t know why anybody would buy USB 2 in preference. Even if you only have a USB 2 ports on your computer you may upgrade in the future. In fact, looking at models of Toshiba flash drives, with same capacity, that are identical other than which version of USB they use shows… a whole 13p price difference. So, for the sake of 13p, would you really buy USB 2?

Anyway, ignoring that for a moment, the U201 range of flash drives are small, plastic, colourful models. With a keyring hook in one corner these are bright and convenient. Sadly they lack any kind of cap to cover the end connectors but who doesn’t end up losing these anyway?

Toshiba U201 packaging

Ranging in price on Amazon from £3.48 to £12.91, they come in 4 sizes from 8GB to 64GB. Right now, the 16GB that I’m testing is best value.

However, the value of a USB memory stick is in its speeds. Here, read speeds are average for a USB device. Unfortunately, write speeds (both random and sequential) are rather, well, rubbish, ranging from just 0.003MB/s to 5.495MB/s.

Packaging is a small plastic blister inside a tearable cardboard container. Product details are printed on the back and on the inside of the cardboard.


With average read speeds and rather poor write speeds there is anything particular about this that stands out. The plastic, although brightly coloured, doesn’t come over as particularly sturdy. It’s a good job they’re quite cheap really, which is it’s one saving grace.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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