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SocialBookCo is a great site for book lovers, or even the casual reader – a simple to use search engine for books that will hunt down and display the cheapest place to get your next read. Genuinely, now I’m aware of it, I wouldn’t think of getting another book without using this first.

However, it’s not that aspect of their site that I’m posting about today because they also have a programme for Book Reviews. Yes, they’ll send you books, free of charge, for review.

You have to have a blog and there are specific guidelines on lengths of reviews (around 200 words for every 100 pages). Lastly, you also have to link to the book via a special link they give you that directs to their site. That link, though, will pay you a proportion of sales, depending on which site the book is then purchased from, ranging from 1 – 4%.

Sign-up is easy and, after being approved, you will be presented with a list of potential books (I have 17 on my list). By this time you’ll have told them what categories of books you like so the list should be appropriate to you. Mark which ones you’re interested in and then, when one is available, it will be sent to you. As part of the sign-up process you state how long it will take you to review each one – in my case I gave it a manageable month per book, which I think if fair for me.

I’ve already been sent my first book so, so far, all well.

However… the book is just £3.85 on Amazon and so you have to consider if the time you spend on your review is worth the value of the book. The most expensive book on my list is about £10.

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