I’ve recently reviewed a number of cordless SoundPEATS headphones but today it’s a more traditional wired set.

The B20 earphones have a rather unusual style too. Behind the swappable rubber ear tips (you get 3 different sized pairs)  is a bright red metal section, finalised by a light wooden end. Whether it’s real wood or not I can’t tell but I’d suggest that you’ll either love or hate the rather unusual look. They are, however, quite long with both those metal and wood sections and stick out of the ear quite far – none-the-less, they were comfy and didn’t fall out.

Looks aside, these are, otherwise, pretty devoid of any extra functionality – there’s no inline remote control and, hence, no microphone. The rounded, 1.2m plastic cable is a striped red and gold and, well, that’s it.

So, with these, it’s down to the sound. And I’m happy to say they do sound pretty good – really well balanced with an excellent amount of bass. The volume goes up pretty high too without distortion.

Packaging is a lot more simplistic than the other SoundPEATS products that I’ve reviewed, consisting of a slim but tall see-through plastic box, with a matching blister inside, holding the earphones in place. A cardboard insert provides the product details. Two plastic ties secure the cable and a small bag contains the two spare pairs of eartips. I’m very disappointed in how backward a step this is, environmentally wise.



With unusual metal and wood looks, these are always going to be down to personal taste. But if you like the looks then they have a good sound to match. And for the price they’re being sold at, they’re definitely worth having.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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