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The Q22s are the latest Bluetooth headphones from SoundPEATS. These, unlike some of the others I’ve reviewed, have a higher quality metal design and look very nice. But are they as good as the previous models, which I’ve been impressed with?

As with most other Bluetooth headphones these contain everything inside the earbuds and the inline remote control. The latter has 3 buttons – mainly for play/pause and volume but all of these buttons can be used for multiple functions such as moving tracks, switching on/off, pairing and even using Google Now on Android phones. There’s a small LED as well to indicate status (power, pairing, etc). A microphone is inset for taking hands-free calls and there’s even a Micro USB port for charging. It takes 1-2 hours to charge the Q22s fully and you should then get around 5 hours of music from them.

The earbuds are made of a metal and have a lovely bevelled edge – they really do look premium and yet they’re lightweight. The rears are magnetic so they can be connected and worn around the neck when in use – sadly this doesn’t turn the headphones on/off as with previous models.  Voice prompts when in use make it easy to use.

The rubber eartips, in black and lime green, can be changed for different sizes. They’re held in the ear via some in-ear rubber hooks and these can also be changed for different designs. You can also get a clip for connecting the cable to yourself, as a well as some rubber clips to tie the cable to itself, to shorten the length.

But let’s talk about the sound – they come with aptX Bluetooth connection (if your connecting device supports this) and CSR noise connection phone calls, so they’ve done their best to improve quality. Indeed, sound quality is very good and they’ve continue to provide a lot more bass to their earphones than their earlier models had. These are no Beats, giving a more even and neutral sound.

However, I did have just one issue in use, one I’ve not had with previous Beats headphones – I had issues with the size of these. The rear, metal part of the earbuds are quite large and, probably due to the shape of my ear, I just could not get the right earbuds to go in (the left was fine). Personally, I don’t understand it as the Q20s fitted fine and I’d say they’re even bulkier. But, as I say, I think this is not going to be a universal problem and only specific to certain people (and maybe even me).

Packaging is the usual SoundPEATS affair – a box containing a zipped case and a small instruction booklet. Inside that case are the earphones, a USB cable (with a plastic tie around it) and a plastic bag with the assorted eartips and cable ties in. It’s not too excessive and you’ll probably throw little of it out.



These look a lot more premium than some of the previous Bluetooth headphones from SoundPEATS but continue their run of creating great value-for-money earphones. They sound nice, look great and have lots of features. For the money, they’re hard to beat.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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