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The PS4 Slim and the missing optical connector

Last night Sony announced not only the PlayStation 4 Pro but also the PlayStation 4 Slim. One thing that have been missed is that the latter saves cost by omitting the optical audio connector. This is fine unless you want to use a non-Sony high-end headset, which invariable connects to it. That may not be an issue for you now but what happens when your original PS4 stops working and only the Slim version is available?

Well, there are some solutions.


First, let’s not forget that this isn’t the first time this has happened – the Xbox 360 E removed the optical connector in 2013. The headset manufacturers, as a result, found alternatives and I suspect the same will happen here.

However, there are two immediate solutions.

First of all, if your TV has an optical port then it may also pass Dolby Digital signals via the HDMI (you can contact the manufacturer to confirm this). They normally do, and if your TV does support this feature, then you can just connect your headset directly to this instead.

Alternately, you can buy products that connect to the HDMI from your PS4 and extract the surround sound from it, adding in its own optical output (as well as an HDMI output so you can plug it into your TV). It doesn’t cost too much either.

If you try either of these solutions, please let me know the outcome.

But, looking at this cynically, does anybody else think this another attempt by Sony to force their headphones upon PS4 players? Initially the PS4 had no Bluetooth headphone support and, even when it did, it was for Sony’s own headsets. Totally coincidentally (of course) they took the opportunity to release some new high-end headphones last night too. Coincidentally.

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  1. USB out to USB DAC. My DAC pics it up and displayes 48k but no sound as yet. “Headphones” even cones up when I turn the DAC on.

  2. Silly me. System setting ‘all audio’ or it just outputs communication.

  3. I’ve tried a device similar to the one you linked to. I have a Denon Dolby Digital setup and so far I can get Pro Logic but not Dolby Digital. It still sounds great but it’s not proper 5.1 surround

  4. This is fucking bullshit

  5. This is bull shit now I have to update from slim to.pro so my son can have his birthday present of the a40 head phone from Astro work

  6. This is so bullshit. I have a 3k sound system. I connect only through optical. When you go through HDMI you loose quality of sound. I’m calling sony to get to the bottom of this. If they don’t have a solution I will return my system.

  7. Guy above me you can buy HDMI – Optical splitters that can convert for 3k and they arent too expensive.

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