Most people think that the PS4 Pro is for those who have 4K TVs, even though it’s already been pointed out that few games are likely to run anywhere near this resolution natively. But, no, I’d argue that it’s the ideal upgrade from the standard PS4 for those with just a humble HD TV.


Here’s why…

  • 4K TVs are terrible for gaming. Ok, TVs generally aren’t as good as monitors – a good gaming monitor may, say, have a refresh rate of 144 Hz and an input lag of less than 1 ms (although generally anything less than 8ms is fine). In comparison my Sony W805, regarded as one of the best gaming TVs, has an input lag of 16 ms and a refresh rate of 400 Hz. However, most 4K TVs have input lags measured over 30 ms and, for probably for this reason, it can rarely be found amongst the specifications. Refresh rates on a £800 Sony 4K TV are just 50 Hz. So, yeah, they look great for TV but until the technology catches up, they’re pretty lousy for gaming.
  • Game graphics will be enhanced even on an HD screen. Indeed, those promises of 1080p 60fps games that we were promised for the PS4 (and never materialised) may now happen.
  • Up-front it’s been acknowledged that it’s unlikely games on the PS4 Pro will run at a 4K native resolution but upscaled. Now, personally, if I had a choice between watching a game at a native 1080p or at an upscaled 4K, I’d prefer the latter, as upscaling brings with it many issues, including visual artefacts.
  • And lastly… the PS4 Pro is only £90 more than the standard PS4 and comes with a large hard drive.

So, yeah, if my original PS4 dies a death, I’ll get a Pro. Better graphics and my headphones will work.

Update: Added a further point about upscaling of 4K images.

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