There are a number of special “gaming” mouse pads available and this one by Oittm, although not a name I’ve heard before,  is available at a similar price-point to the competition.

Mouse mats are normally small squares but the idea of a gaming version is to have it BIG – usually to also provide a grippy surface for your keyboard as well but also allow the mouse to go either side too. And, I’m happy to say, that’s the case here – it’s nearly a metre wide (90 cm to be more precise) and 40cm deep. My keyboard and mouse go on it with plenty of room to spare.

The mat is waterproof and has a thick, rubber base and,  as with most mouse mats, it’s slightly stretchy. It’s well stitched alongside the outside although I find the resulting hump in the fabric to be mildly irritating when my arms rest against it. The Oittm logo is shown in the bottom, right-hand corner.

It comes rolled up and in a thick cardboard tube. The fact that it sits flat as soon as its un-packaged gives you an idea of how well it remains free of deformities and kinks.



At just under £13 this is a well made, large mouse pad. You don’t have be a gamer to benefit, and when a standard-sized, basic Amazon-branded one is £5, it’s quite a bargain.

It’s big enough, in fact, that it helps protect my desk generally and with the water proofing it’s an excellent addition to any home office.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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