Now, this is an interesting proposition and, although mainly billed as a charging stand for an Apple Watch, it can be used for charging any other brand of smart phone too. And with 3 USB charging ports on the front, it’s an ideal bedside accessory.

The main base of the product is aluminium and matches the looks of the Apple products well (other colours are available too!). On the front are 3 USB charging sockets, providing up to 2.4 amps each (there are 6 amps to deliver maximum across all). On the rear is a figure-8 socket, which plugs into the mains (a UK cable is provided). Take off the plastic top and there is storage inside for cables, plus another USB socket inside – this is for those who want to make use of the dock on top. Next to this extra socket is an LED, which is permanently on when the power is switched on – a useful indicator whilst hidden away from normal view.

So, a small section can be removed from the plastic lid and one of 2 plastic docks added – one for smart phones and another for the Apple Watch. In the case of the Watch you plug the charger into the socket inside and then run the cable through a small hole – the charger itself is pushed inside the vertical, circular dock.  The phone is then rested on top of the charging stand to charge. In the case of phones another dock is placed, which allows a charging cable (of whichever flavour) to be connected to the internal USB socket and then poked up through the hole in the lid. A phone can then sit, vertically, in the provided dock.

It’s here that the product, for the first time, feels a little cheap – you literally have a dangling cable out of the top and have to plug that into the phone before sitting it in the stand.  It’s not very elegant, I have to say, but it does, at least, work.

Packaging is a bit OTT but nothing more than I’d expect for an Apple accessory 😉 Consisting of a series of white boxes inside the main outer one, there is also a pin cover and tie on the cable as well as a plastic bag to hold the various docks.  A small instruction booklet is included but this doesn’t give any information about the smartphone dock, maybe indicating that this functionality was added later (and may explain the half-hearted implementation). It’s all presented well but is a little too much for what’s contained inside.



A nicely built dock with lots of charging options. This is ideal for those with Apple Watches, as I feel the smartphone option is not its best feature.  But, for the money, it would be hard to beat!

The product is available from Amazon via LOPOO UK.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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