The TransMemory-EX II is a super fast USB memory stick from Toshiba. It’s one of the more traditional “long” memory sticks but is finished with a thin corrugated metal cover. It’s “Osumi silver” apparently, although I suspect the latter part of that refers to the colour rather than what it’s made of – indeed it feels quite thin and tinny. The overall look is that of a lighter, I think. It’s not unattractive but, personally, it doesn’t look particularly striking either (which, I suspect, is what they were trying for). Is it just me or does it look a bit like a cigarette lighter?

But, looks aside, let’s see what other practicalities it has. A small blue activity light is on the upside end of the stick – if you have a device where the USB device plugins in upside down then you’re not going to be able to see this, sadly. The cap can be placed on the opposite end, hopefully reducing the chance of it being lost.

The device also comes pre-loaded with some software named Pad Locker. This allows you to create a protected area of the memory all via an easy-to-use interface. Manuals on its use are also present on the stick, so there shouldn’t be any issues with using it. I was quite impressed with Pad Locker and was better than a lot of similar software. However, it works on Windows only, so MacOS and Linux users will have to miss out.

But let’s look at the speed, which is what this product prides itself on. It boasts 222 MB/s read speeds and 205 MB/s write speeds. Well, I was able to get 234 MB/s read and 182 MB/s sequential write speeds – the read is faster than their claims and the write is a touch slower. None-the-less these are the fastest speeds I’ve seen in a USB memory stick. Random large file reads were also impressive. However, large file writes and small file reads and writes are relatively average.

Packaging consists of a smart box, with embossed gold highlights, with the stick itself held within inside a plastic blister. The whole box is a bit overlarge for the size of the contents and certainly that plastic container is un-needed – a much more environmentally friendly cardboard holder would have worked just as well (the exterior box has no window in it so what’s inside can’t be seen anyway).



If blistering sequential speeds are what you’re after then this is definitely the USB memory stick to be using! Other speeds are average but with some nicely bundled software and a 5 year warranty this is a seriously professional piece of flash storage.

The 64GB version appears at an add price point, though, costing more than twice that of the 32GB version and the 128GB equivalent is just £10 more. If you need more than 32GB then I’d definitely suggest looking at the 128GB version.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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