The Benuo is an attractive, real leather wallet. Unlike many which fold, this is a compact, single piece. There are 2 slots on the back for cards and two on the front, under a snap fastened strap. The front also has a coin section too. Push the two sides together and the top opens up to reveal an area for notes (albeit, very well folded).

The bronze-coloured stitching around the leather is well done but may not be to everyone’s taste. Also, on the front is a small slot, just behind the strap, to hold a single coin (I found a £1 to fit just right). What the purpose of this is, I’m not sure, although it does make fastening the strap easier.


One of the boasts of the wallet is its RFID blocking abilities. I tried this by attempting to scan my contactless cards, whilst in the wallet, using my phone. Sadly, in both the front and rear locations I could do it, so that feature doesn’t actually appear to be work. I suspect that’s because the cards need to stick out slightly for you to be able to pull them out, and that slight protuberance is enough for them still to be scannable.

The packaging is very nice, as the wallet comes wrapped in some plain, brown paper and is then stored in a brown cardboard outer. It’s both minimal and very recyclable, which is excellent.



Although the RFID blocking doesn’t work, I still really liked this as a simple wallet. It’s not going to replace my day-to-day one, as it doesn’t have enough card slots. But, for a “night out”, this is ideal – slim and compact, it’s just the right size. And nicely made too.

The Benuo is available from LOPOO on Amazon, and is also available in a brown, antique version too.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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Benuo Slim Genuine Leather Card Wallet

Benuo Slim Genuine Leather Card Wallet


8.0 /10

The Ups

  • Quality material
  • Compact
  • Environmental packaging

The Downs

  • RFID blocking doesn't work
  • The style may not be to everyone's taste