It’s Christmas (well, nearly)! Time to be thinking of putting up the decorations and sorting out your yuletide tree. This year I’ve been trying out a string of LED lights, courtesy of LOPOO.

Traditional lights consist of thickish cables and large bulbs, whereas this consists of incredibly thin copper wires and minute LED lights. The wire is a bit more visible than the green cable you often get, but takes up less room, is a lot more flexible and, to be honest, adds its own nice touch to the look. The lights are low-powered (just 1 amp) so the electricity is sent along the bare copper wire (okay, no, the description does say the wire is insulated but, if is, it’s undetectable) – no, you can’t feel anything when it’s touched!


Our own tree with the lights on

Our own tree with the lights on

Every-so-often the cable breaks away into a small LED, encased in what looks like a blob of glue (I’m sure it’s not, but it looks like that). This plastic ‘blob’ acts as a magnifier for the light, whilst also protecting it. There are 100 bulbs in total, with a cable length of 11.5m and certainly enough for, say, a 6 foot tree.

The lights are multi-coloured and are controlled via a remote control. The lights plugin into a control box, out of which also comes a stubby cable with the IR receive – this allows you to direct the receiver wherever is most convenient. The remote control has a large range of blinking and glowing options, as well as a straight on and off option.

Packaging wise… whoa, lots of ties, plastic bags and covering. Very excessive for what it is and not particularly environmentally friendly (a shame, considering the low energy usage of the lights themselves – this could have really been sold on its environmental credits otherwise).



These look extremely nice, with the copper wire adding some appreciated flexibility to the cable. The remote works well and is very handy. With its low power usage and cheap price, these are highly recommended.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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LOPOO Remote Control LED Light String

LOPOO Remote Control LED Light String



The Ups

  • Lower power
  • Flexible copper cable
  • Look very nice
  • Handy remote control
  • Excellent value

The Downs

  • Excessive packaging