Although possible to do this, Facebook make it difficult through poor, outdates instructions. So, here’s how to add your Facebook birthdays to Google calendar…


  • Head to your Facebook page and press ‘Events’ in the left-hand menu.
  • On the right-hand side you should see the following box…

  • Right click on ‘Birthdays’ and select ‘Copy Link Address’ 1.
  • Now head to Google Calendar.
  • In the left hand menu, about half-way down, is a heading named ‘Other Calendars’. Click on the down arrow next to it and select ‘Add by URL’.

  • In the window that appears, paste in the URL that you copied earlier from Facebook. Press the ‘Add Calendar’ button.

Your Facebook birthdays should now appear as a new calendar. Style and rename to taste.

  1. this is the name of the option in Chrome, if you’re using a different browser your milage may vary – there will definitely be an equivalent, though[]