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Goodbye contact form

Inspired by Mika Epstein, I’ve ditched this site’s contact form. And, shameless ripping off her post on the subject, I’m going to explain a little bit of why.

Inspired by Mika Epstein, I've ditched this site's contact form. And, shameless ripping off her post on the subject, I'm going to explain a little bit of why.

What emails do I receive?

This is the important bit. I don't get too many and, when I do, they tend to fall into one of two categories…

  1. Questions about my WordPress plugins
  2. People trying to sell me something – normally SEO services

The thing is, before my contact form was a short paragraph of text explaining, in both of the above cases, not to use my contact form, why and where to go (in the case of the second, 'the hell away').

The reality is, I don't get much contact via my form and, then, it's not anything I want to receive. I'd much rather channel my efforts in promoting other ways to get hold of me. 

Speaking of which…

So, what if I do want to contact you?


I'm an active Twitter user and a link to my account is both in the top menu and in the footer at the bottom of this site.

I have DMs open, so you can contact me that way, if you'd prefer.

The WordPress Forums

If you have a support query about any of my WordPress plugins this is the ONLY way of contacting me that I'll accept. Otherwise, you'll get ignored or, if I'm feeling generous, I'll point you in the right direction.


You can try… but I keep my Facebook to my friends and family. If I don't recognise you, I won't be accepting any friend requests.

But, I mention it here simply because you may be a long-lost friend or relative trying to get in touch. 


If the message is commercial in any way, then please contact me on LinkedIn. And, by that, I don't mean because you want to sell me your SEO services – I'm still not interested. Also, I'm not looking for a new job, so there's no point in trying that one 😉

Talk to me!

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