With over 137,000 views, my video of the music from the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become, for me, a soaraway success (well, compared to my other videos which normally consist of people on trampolines or moving Lego contraptions).

So, I thought I’d talk about how I create the video and what the future holds for it.

Let’s kick things off with the video itself…

As you can see in the title, this is actually version 2. With some minor tweaks to which tracks I used, as well as adding in the previously missing Cloak & Digger soundtrack, this is an improvement to the first.

How do I create them?

I’d love to say I’m using some ultra-professional software but the reality is that I’m just using Apple iMovie. Hardware wise, I’m using a Macbook, some rather cracking Creative speakers and a 5K monitor. My ShuttleXpress – a jog/shuttle wheel intended for video editing – is always a joy to use as I can advance frames and move things one frame at a time with relative ease.

No, the software isn’t the thing here – I just love creating video compilations. I’ve been doing them for years, mainly for video games. For example…

I love the editing process and spending way too much time getting video and sound synced together perfectly. The long intro before the credits and the post-credits sequence as well, go hand in hand with an abundance of music, many from the MCU.

Where do I get the music?

I own most of the soundtracks already. The exception are the TV shows, but here I’ve purchased the relevant track to use in the video.

YouTube itself takes care of the copyright issues. It’s rare for an owner to issue a takedown request (I can only think of one video of mine this has happened to).

There are adverts, right?

When I watch the video I don’t see any adverts but I know others are (including some which appear pretty intrusive). This is nothing to do with me, as I have not enabled any monetisation on the video – because I’m using copyrighted music tracks, YouTube is monetising the video for themselves, so they can pay the appropriate royalty fees.

I apologise if they’re annoying but there is nothing I can do.

Tweaking the results

Apart from spending some time getting each soundtrack to play in as seamlessly as possible, I also spend some time tweaking the volume of each track too – different recordings will be at different volume levels, so I do this by ear.

Once all that is done, I apply a minor boost to the bass to add a bit more impact to the result – I found the original recordings a bit flat before doing this.

As I mention in the video description, the resulting video is intentionally saved at 720p resolution, rather than, say, 1080p. This is to improve bandwidth and ensure that YouTube compresses the resulting result as little as possible. My side, I save the video as high a quality as possible before uploading to YouTube.

What’s next?

My intention is to release a new version each time a new soundtrack is available. So, yes, expect one next month which will include Captain Marvel.

I’ve also made some tweaks already, in preparation – some of the transition between tracks weren’t, in my opinion, quite right, so I’ve tightened them up. I’m sure I’ll never be happy with the resulting video but each new film gives me a new excuse to make further changes.

Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far from Home will also result in new versions of the video being released too.

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