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Amazon Prime Music Unlimited – a great offer for a fantastic music streaming service

I’ve been using Amazon Prime Music Unlimited for a couple of years now and can genuinely say how rather good it is.

If you’re an Amazon Prime user, you get the more basic Prime Music included. However, for all the music you could wish for you need to pay a little more for the Unlimited version.

I’ve compared it against Apple Music and the number and choice of tracks appears to be pretty much the same. I also prefer Prime Music for its ratings and easier groupings. And, finally, Amazon Prime Music is available on iOS, MacOS, Windows and Android, as well as a web player,, which makes it far more accessible than Apple Music too.

And, right now, there’s a great offer for Prime Music Unlimited.

Until 16th July, you can get 4 months of Prime Music Unlimited for just £1. So, if you’re not sure, go for it, you only have £1 to loose! And if you don’t like it, cancel your subscription before the 4 months are up.

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