I have an odd feeling of Déjà… rêvé?

Since I was young I, occasionnaly, have an odd thing happen to me. Something will play out in front of me and I’ll immediately get a strange sensation – a sort of “spidey sense” tingling – and an immediate realisation that I’ve seen this exact scene in a dream (despite not having remembered dreaming about it until that point – don’t ask, I can’t explain it myself).

When I was younger I thought I was having premonitions of the future (albeit, really crappy ones) but, as logic kicked in, I disregarded that, whilst never really knowing what it really was.

I still don’t but, today, I have a name for it.

And that’s it, in a nut-shell.

My first memory of this happening was when I was around 12-13. I was in the playground at school, looked at my hand and saw a splinter in one of my fingers. That was it (I never said they were ever exciting).

I had one just a few weeks ago (but can’t remember now what it was) but, as I’ve got older, I’ve found they occur less often (possibly one every few years?).

Yes, it is as weird as it sounds.

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