Boycotting Amazon? Why it's worth a second thought

My wife isn’t happy with Amazon. If it isn’t for their tax-avoiding tactics, it’s for how they treat their warehouse staff.

So, for a while now, she’s been boycotting them i, specifically because of their treatment of staff.

But, all this assumes the alternatives are better.

As an example, it was my eldest daughter’s birthday earlier this year and my wife ordered her a present. She could have got it from Amazon with next day delivery but instead bought it from another UK retailer. This wasn’t due next day but should take just a few days. Which was fine – we were due to visit my daughter a couple of weeks later, so that was plenty of time.

Except it didn’t arrive on time.

A week after that, now after her birthday, we were due to see her again. But it still hadn’t turn up. The next week it did but it was while before we saw her to give it to her.

But, that’s a price worth paying to use a company that’s better than Amazon, right? So, I decided to check.

First, I turned to Indeed, where employees of any company can leave anonymous reviews. Warehouse staff at Amazon UK gave them an average of 3.6 out of 5, with complaints about low pay, long hours and ridiculous management decisions.

So, I then looked up reviews from warehouse staff of the company that my wife had used. They gave them an average of 3.7, with complaints about low pay, long hours and ridiculous management decisions. In other words, not really any different to Amazon.

What did my wife benefit from this? She took her custom to another company that treated their staff just the same but ended up missing my daughter’s birthday as a result.

She still boycotts Amazon. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  1. well, except for buying books for her Kindle, using Amazon Alexa or watching Prime TV and films…[]

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I’ve also been avoiding Amazon wherever possible but last year I was given an Amazon voucher as a Christmas present so I reluctantly made a purchase. Now then about their treatment of warehouse staff; a few months ago this was a subject on the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2, of course someone phoned in and complained about the working conditions, ie: the 15 minute breaks where to get to the nearest staff restroom was a 15 minute walk so there was no point in taking the break. Someone else phoned in to say that this no longer happens.

I’ve been avoiding them for other reasons; I was a member of Prime and one day I received an email telling me that I was also a meber of Prime Music – when I checked into it it wasn’t true – it was a 30 day trial but they wanted my credit card details. I complained but never received any compensation for this. Another time I purchased a number plate for my car but it never arrived I contacted the Amazon seller but never got a reply. I complained to Amazon but they told me to contact the seller (which I’d already done), so I’m also owed for this; I wasted my time with a useless seller, no apology or anything. All I could do in the end was cancel the purchase and leave them appropriate feedback. In the end I bought the number plate from a nearby motorist’s shop for slightly more money. This sort of thing puts on-line shopping back decades.

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