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Clapping and partying

Ok, I don’t usually write anything political or, generally, anything outside of the WordPress world which may be considered particularly controversial. But there’s a first time for everything.

Look, if you want to clap for the NHS on a Thursday night, that’s great. But, please, don’t think less of those who don’t. My wife and daughter do it. I don’t. It’s not that I don’t care for the NHS – I adore them and everything that they’re doing for us right now. I’m just not a “clapping into the air to make a point” type of person. We’re all different and I can show my appreciation in other ways.

In some cases, I think the clapping is simply an act of “look at me – I’m showing that I care”. Like those people who applaud over the tops of their heads just to make sure everybody can see they’re doing it. It’s showing off. Those that have graduated from simply clapping to banging on saucepans is evidence of this.

But, here’s the thing – if you do any of the following you have NO right to look down on anybody else who you think isn’t appreciating the NHS in the way that you think they should…

  1. If you’ve ignored the government lockdown rules
  2. If you avoid paying your taxes, which would be going towards the NHS
  3. If you’ve voted Conservative, particular in the last 10 or so years. And particularly if you did in the last election

If any of the above apply to you, fuck off with your holier-than-thou attitude. Sadly, I suspect this covers off at least half of those people, certainly on my street, clapping every Thursday evening.

And, yesterday, to celebrate VE Day, a local DJ was playing music on the street, with people coming out all day to listen and enjoy. “But we all kept out distance”. Which was the same argument used in previous weeks by people caught sunbathing in parks. If you think one is wrong but the other is fine, then you need to re-think. “Rules don’t apply when it’s something I want to do” seems to be the case here.

Indeed, most of those out clapping were also those out on the street enjoying the music, putting themselves and everybody around them at risk and, therefore thanking the NHS by potentially adding to their existing problems. But, hey, it was sunny, I guess.

In conclusion – stay the hell indoors and stop thinking this is all some kind of competition as to who can care the most. Chances are, it’s certainly not you.