Shed and loving it

One of the biggest jobs of my sabbatical was going to be sorting out my shed. Which, I know, doesn’t sound much but it’s been in a state for the last 10 years and, due to the shed being quite large, was going to be not a small job to sort (which in itself is one of the things that had been putting me off all these years).

Another thing putting me off was that it would not emptying to get sorted and by the time I’d done that it would probably be time to put everything back in at the end of the day, if done in a small burst. Which is why having whole days available was important.

It’s taken me weeks but it’s now done.

This isn’t the best comparison as I was obviously taking the images from different angles, but it gives you an idea…

That stain on the floor is due to a can of oil that leaked 😞

This is also only the right hand-hand side too. The left hand side is also sorted, even if it doesn’t look so. The idea is that DIY stuff is on the left whereas things such as gazebos, bikes, tables, chairs, etc. are on the left. Here’s a before and after…

My next job is to sort out the end of the garden, which is around the shed area.


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