About David Artiss (aka dartiss)

My name is David Artiss and I’m an Enterprise Happiness Engineer at Automattic, working on the WordPress VIP team. I provide front-line support to enterprise client. I previously worked for the UK retailer Boots the Chemist as a Team Leader on their Point of Sale support team.

I am an contributor to WordPress, having assisted with core, documentation, support and wordpress.tv (video). I am also the author of a number of free WordPress plugins.

When not working, I’m a blogger – site commentators have included CEO’s and company directors and technical discussion with the likes of Microsoft, Adobe and the BBC. My personal site was named as a weekly blog highlight by public relations service company Cision on 4th December 2009 and has been mentioned on the BBC website. Twice.

I’m also an avid gamer, amateur theatre performer and WordPress plugin developer.

I am also a journalist for the technology website, The Big Tech Question and have also been known to make an appearnace on the PC Pro podcast.

 All views are my own and not of any of my employers, current or otherwise.