The plan is that basic functionality will be provided in the first iteration – this will mean that no additional settings will be available at first.

Over-arching requirements

  • Security
  • Internationalisation
  • Accessibility

Code requirements

  • PHP 7.1 compliant
  • Using latest iterations of WordPress functionality – will require the latest installation of WP as a result
  • Bound very tightly with Jetpack. Not a requirement, however.
    • Will be tested with all Jetpack features for full compatibility and will have additional Jetpack features added in (there are various switches available to ‘fine tune’ some of the existing Jetpack functions)
  • Compatibility with a range of Automattic plugins, including AMP, etc. However, no Woo, bbPress or BuddyPress support.

  • Use of customizer for all options (later revisions)

Design Requirements

  • Fully responsive
  • Featured images display full posts, even if the provided image isn’t wide enough
    • No cropping of featured images
  • Use of JQuery for some effects (to be decided)
  • Google fonts
  • Support for all post formats, with specific output for each (see Lingonberry as a good example on how this is done)
  • Sidebar (on right but, later, switchable)
  • Options to add advertising
  • Really like the look of Minn Lite (actually, I like some of the features in the Pro version, which I’d like to replicate)

Minor Requirements

  • Shows sub-pages
  • Makes use of ‘More’ tag as a priority for home page posts. Falls back to excerpt, if not available.
  • Supports ‘NextPage’ tag