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My talk writing process

Shamelessly ripped off from my colleague, Tammie Lister, who has written a similar post, I thought I’d write a little more about my process for preparing for talks.

Okay, so, unlike Tammie, I’ve not done that many and my process is probably very new and unrefined. My intention is to re-visit this post at times, though, and update it as I go on.

Along the way, I’m also going to add some tips that I’ve learnt along the way.

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How not to fall for bad statistics

What do bacon and speed cameras have in common?

Professor Jen Rogers, Vice President of the Royal Statistic Society, shows how to cut through the bad statistics represented in the media and by our politicians.

Teaching you phrases such as “correlation is not causation” and “regression to the mean”, this is highly educational and should be a must-watch for everyone. It’s 40 minutes that could make a world of difference to how you see the world.


What does that button on the Mazda 3 boot do?

Just to the right of centre on a pre-2019 Mazda 3 is the boot release button. But move further to the right there’s a second, smaller, round button. It’s not mentioned in the owner’s manual, so what it do?

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This site’s footprint

I ran the above using a carbon footprint calculator available at Bearing in mind I’ve done nothing to keep the footprint low, I’m quite happy with the result of this.


Trigger’s Broom – my MacBook lives!

My 2012 MacBook Pro lives on, despite coming close to what appeared to its final demise at the weekend.

I gave the MacBook to my wife a couple of years ago and she’s loved using it – but before I did, I’d replaced the battery and the hard drive. But, at the weekend, the diagnosis didn’t look good.