What is wrong with vegetarian and vegan food that looks like meat?

Recently, there was an outcry (well, from from some quarters) when Greggs introduced a vegan sausage roll. On all accounts it was a success with them regularly selling out and review saying that it was like the meat-based version. But a lot of people were unhappy. You see, some people believe that vegetarians and vegans […]

Are wish lists the true spirit of Christmas for the future?

[It is estimated] that $35 billion is being thrown away, around the world, in the form of poorly chosen Christmas gifts BBC’s 50 Things That Made The Modern Economy – Santa Claus, December 17th 2018 For a number of years now, I’ve asked people, buying me birthday and Christmas gifts, to use my Amazon wish […]

Putting up barriers to selling through rules and complexity

My daughter brought home a letter and order form from school this week, promoting a company that allows you to have your child’s drawing added to various Christmas items – cards, tags, that kind of thing. Except, in my opinion, it’s a perfect example of how to put up so many barriers and make things […]

Has the ClassicPress fork of WordPress taken a wrong turn?

ClassicPress has recently been making headlines within the WordPress community – it’s a fork of WordPress which doesn’t include Gutenberg. Personally, I didn’t get it – you can just as easily install the standard WordPress Core and use the Classic Editor plugin to turn Gutenberg off. But I have nothing against forks, per se, as […]

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