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How not to do menus

Whilst new rules are sorting out many aspects of WordPress development that causes headaches for users (e.g. standardised admin messaging), how plugins (and, in some cases, themes) allocate menus in WP Admin are not currently covered.

As a result, some developers (and it’s note-worthy that most of those that fall into this category are making a living from their plugin work) are happy to push the level of acceptability.

So, in this article I’m going to demonstrate some of the things that developers will do with their menus and compare that to the standard approach taken by the core version of WordPress.

Life Opinion

Amazon Prime Music Unlimited – a great offer for a fantastic music streaming service

I’ve been using Amazon Prime Music Unlimited for a couple of years now and can genuinely say how rather good it is.

If you’re an Amazon Prime user, you get the more basic Prime Music included. However, for all the music you could wish for you need to pay a little more for the Unlimited version.


WW: UI Confusion

If you wish to change measurements on the Weight Watchers (now WW) app you have to head to their website to do it (down vote for the fact that you have to). But, once there, the UI gets very confusing.


Privacy screen battle: 3M vs Kensington

About 18 months ago, I bought a 3M privacy screen for my Touch-bar model MacBook Pro 13″. It was one of the few (from a known brand) on the market for this model at the time. However, I’ve now also purchased a Kensington model – 50% more expensive than the 3M version. But is it any better?

Automattic Opinion

Who’d want to be a Noogler?

Did you know that new Google employees are ‘Nooglers’, that staff over 40 are ‘Greyglers’, staff that leave are ‘Xooglers’ and those that bring their dogs to work are ‘Dooglers’?

Cute names or something more worrisome?

Well, Automattic has names for its employees too, all based on variation of the company name.