What is wrong with vegetarian and vegan food that looks like meat?

Recently, there was an outcry (well, from from some quarters) when Greggs introduced a vegan sausage roll. On all accounts it was a success with them regularly selling out and review saying that it was like the meat-based version. But a lot of people were unhappy. You see, some people believe that vegetarians and vegans […]

Are wish lists the true spirit of Christmas for the future?

[It is estimated] that $35 billion is being thrown away, around the world, in the form of poorly chosen Christmas gifts BBC’s 50 Things That Made The Modern Economy – Santa Claus, December 17th 2018 For a number of years now, I’ve asked people, buying me birthday and Christmas gifts, to use my Amazon wish […]

Putting up barriers to selling through rules and complexity

My daughter brought home a letter and order form from school this week, promoting a company that allows you to have your child’s drawing added to various Christmas items – cards, tags, that kind of thing. Except, in my opinion, it’s a perfect example of how to put up so many barriers and make things […]

Has the ClassicPress fork of WordPress taken a wrong turn?

ClassicPress has recently been making headlines within the WordPress community – it’s a fork of WordPress which doesn’t include Gutenberg. Personally, I didn’t get it – you can just as easily install the standard WordPress Core and use the Classic Editor plugin to turn Gutenberg off. But I have nothing against forks, per se, as […]

Bacon to the Future – A review of meat substitute foodstuffs

In advance I’d like to apologise for making that title sound very clinical but I wasn’t sure how to word it otherwise. Most of the stuff I’m going to mention is Quorn but, as other brands are involved, I thought I needed to be a pretty generic.

Anyway, due to a required change in diet (reduction in red meat, in particular) I’ve turned to meat substitute to add to meals. You see, I like my meat, so something that will replace it in my diet without me even realising is important. Sorry, but a nut cutlet isn’t going to work with me.

So what’s good and wasn’t it?

A dodgy damp fix

Our main bedroom has a bay window and, mainly during the winter, mould grows on the interior wall. There’s some separation of the skirting boards from the wall and there are cracks in the wall – basically signs that damp is getting into the wall, possibly from the small flat roof about it.

So, I decided to get somebody in to check it and, hopefully, cure it. What happened was rather unexpected.

Why do TVs have to be smart?

It’s hard to buy a TV these days without it being a “Smart TV”. With build-in apps and other connected features it seems to be a great way to add content to your TV. But is it?

With companies such as Samsung dropping support on their devices as soon as they’re no longer the latest, shiniest product they sell, it buying a TV – something that should last you many years – with build-in redundancy a good idea?

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