In the interests of disclosure and ethics, I want to be open about how I make money from this site and it’s important to me that you can trust what you read on To this end, this disclosure will detail my relationships with third parties. I have decided upon a site-wide disclosure rather than a “per post” version, simply because some of the dealings I have with agencies and companies would be complex to articulate in specific cases.


I am often provided with products to review by companies and I am often allowed to keep them. However, I do not allow this to sway my judgement and I am as truthful with reviews of these products as I am with anything else. Indeed, I have had more than one company cease sending me items because I have not given them glowing reviews.

I have never been offered money to review a product but if I was then this too would not influence the result.


This site earns revenue using Skimlinks, which adds promotional links to articles and to the RSS feed. I use Skimlinks to help me automate the process of linking to products, so I can spend more time working on site content. All such links have “hover” text indicating their Skimlinks origin and are “nofollow“, which means that the search engines will not link this “artificial” relationship.

Banner adverts are present on the site, provided by Google AdSense and there are sponsored adverts, clearly indicated as this, in the sidebar.

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