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The VIPs in the High Castle

Because one team meetup a year in never enough, the VIP team have met once more. This time it was just the support team and was to be in Scotland.

A castle, to be more precise.

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Do you understand your UK rights on mis-selling?

So, in the UK, if a retailer advertises a product at one price and then tries to make you pay for it at another, that’s mis-selling and they can get into trouble with trading standards, right?

Well, that was always my thinking on how this was supposed to work but, in the last week, I’ve learnt that it’s not the case at all.

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Why don’t we value the work of artists?

It seems an innocent enough Tweet, doesn’t it, but my reply to it caused an immediate, negative reaction from the author.

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Now in my late 40’s, I’ve been lucky in that my age hasn’t really had a great effect on me. My eyesight has changed and my hair has got greyer, but these are all the norms. Ok, hangovers are pretty much more intense now but, yeah, my bladder remains normal and my bones are no less creaky than they ever were, so I consider myself lucky.

But there is one change, I’d say that’s occurred over the last 10 years, that’s particularly odd – my sensitivity to weather. A change in barometric (air) pressure can cause headaches by creating a pressure difference between the surrounding atmosphere and the sinuses, which are filled with air. Some people are more sensitive than others but, in my case, it’s become a lot more sensitive in recent years.

The effects are headaches and congestion when air pressure drops (I had an earache last night, as a black cloud loomed and there were reports of storms nearby, which later moves to the front of my head). My gran always said she could tell of impending bad weather due to her arthritis which, as bizarre as it may sound, is also a genuine effect of it too. But, for me, the headaches can be quite intense, sharp shots of pain from different areas of my head as well as quite sudden and bad nasal congestion.

But, as I say, considering the ailments that can afflict those getting older, I consider myself lucky that this probably the worst. Odd, none-the-less.

Why Greenpeace needs WordPress

Greenpeace is about to embark on a digital initiative called Planet 4 (P4 for short) - a next-generation content management system (CMS) and also the process of building it and getting to market.

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APC and the faulty UPS

Back in May I ordered a UPS for my home office. You don’t get power cuts in the UK very often and, in fact, I think power is out at my house more of a result of work being done inside my house, than anything, but as it’s a single point of failure than can be easily rectified, it seemed the sensible thing to do.

Last month, I went to plug an extra device in and found that it won’t push into the socket. In fact, as I attempted to push this plug in, the plug next to it also raised up out of its socket. Something wasn’t right and a quick inspection showed the issue – the socket safety shutters had dropped away inside the device.

I’d registered the UPS with APC at the time of purchase and although I’d had an email to say they’d received my registration request I’d heard nothing more. I rang them and, via a very quiet phone line, they arranged to have my UPS swapped out. Indeed, just a few days later a new one appeared.

But arranging to have the old device picked up turned out to be a lot trickier…

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A Day in the Life of a VIP Wrangler

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at Automattic? Well, I’m part of a team that provides support to  WordPress.com VIP clients. Here’s what a typical day looks like for me.

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How to add Facebook birthdays to Google Calendar

Although possible to do this, Facebook make it difficult through poor, outdates instructions. So, here’s how to add your Facebook birthdays to Google calendar…

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My WordCamp Europe 2017 Diary

Thursday 15th June kicks off 2017’s WordCamp Europe, this year in Paris. And I’ll be there! As with WC London, I’ll be volunteering during the main event and contributing on Thursday itself.

During the event I’ll be updating this post with a diary of how it goes – WCEU is the biggest WordCamp in the world and, I’ll admit, a little daunting.

I fly to Paris very early on Wednesday 14th, where I’m staying at a hotel arranged by Automattic for its employees attending the camp. I’m both excited but nervous (similar to how I was for London).

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Why Argos has a terrible attitude to website security

Don’t get me wrong, some websites get their security really, really wrong but the difference with Argos is their attitude towards the customers that take issue with it.

I raised problems with Argos back in January, when I found their site doesn’t allow you to use the paste function of your computer when creating a new password – this rules out using password managers and, therefore, long, secure password.

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