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What were the marketing companies thinking?

In the last week there’s been a spate of half-arsed attempts at marketing by leading companies which, at their worse, are racist. Of course they all deny trying to offend but I really have to wonder not only what went through their mind when they came up with their ideas but why nobody, at any stage, stopped them.

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The New Amazon Fire TV Stick

The reason I purchased the new Amazon Fire TV Stick was because of its unique new shape…

Which bit goes into the HDMI port?

Obviously, this isn’t the case. This is a summary box that appeared in my Google Inbox, which obviously used the wrong image.

Why the Cadbury Easter Story is Fake News

In the last couple of days social media has been outraged by the religious desecration of Easter by Cadbury – a company that’s not even now British owned.

The Church of England has accused the National Trust of “airbrushing faith” after it dropped the word “Easter” from its annual Easter egg hunt.The Telegraph

As you can see from the image at the top of this post Cadbury have, indeed, renamed the event.

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WordCamp Europe – Win a Ticket!

I’ll be heading to (and volunteering at) WordCamp Europe this year and I happen to have a ticket left over.

So, what better way to get rid of it than a competition? And it’s an easy one too.

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Designing WordPress Plugin READMEs for the new directory

The WordPress.org plugin directory has had a massive overhaul and, as a result, plugin information is now shown differently to before. For plugin developers, therefore, a tweak to how you present your README (and associated assets) can ensure your plugin is presented better.

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How The Running Man Predicted our Future

I watched The Running Man again only the other week and thought, at the time, how well, back in the 80’s, this had predicted certain things, particularly as it is set in 2017. Having come across this video from Vice about it, I can see I wasn’t alone…

Justifying an unnecessary expense

Can an expensive purchase, replacing something that, technically, isn’t actually broken be justified?

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Idiots run the world

My entire life until now, I felt humans were making progress. Uneven, confused, wrong at times, but progress. Now? Idiots run the world.Jimmy Wales, Twitter

Beware the Bosch Cashback

Bosch have a current promotion where, on certain appliances, they will give you cashback via a pre-paid Mastercard. For my recently purchased washing machine, this was £100 – not to be sniffed at and certainly helped justify the cost!

But getting the cashback out of them is proving rather tricky.

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Work on my first WordPress has begun

For the last few weeks I’ve been expressing interest in creating my first WordPress theme. As with most things, I want to blog the experience but I suspect this will take long enough that people would soon get sick of the number of post entries on the topic. For this reason, I’ve created a static page, which will have sub-pages hanging off of it, documenting the process, albeit not timestamped (which probably makes sense as some elements, such as the design overview will be added and updated over time).

At the time of writing this the page is empty but please bookmark it, if it’s something of interest, and come back at regular intervals to see how it’s going on. The aim is for the theme, named ‘April’, to replace the one on this site.

April WordPress Theme


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