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What’s in my bag?

Inspired (no, okay, I ripped it off entirely) by Matt Mullenweg’s post of the same name I thought it would be interested to share what’s in the backpack that I take around with me when travelling for work. It’s early times yet, with only a few such trips but 3 more due this year and I have no current intention to change the contents.

I’m certainly not the “road warrior” that he is but I certainly think there may some ideas for others – what I liked about seeing Matt’s was that it gave me some further ideas of my own. I particularly liked some of the stationary items that Matt has and I’ve already been looking into them.

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I probably won’t top this today

Why I prefer my theatre performed by amateurs

On Saturday I went to see the professional, touring performance of The Wedding Singer, starring Ray Quinn and Ruth Madoc. I’d performed in the show myself, last year, in a local, amateur theatre group. And, you know, I think ours was better.

Let me explain why.

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Why would you ever buy branded painkillers?

I saw this shared on Facebook today…

It’s wise advice. But it assumes you’re getting free prescriptions, which most people don’t. Of course, even then, it’s still good advice but can be extended more generally – always check the ‘over the counter’ cost of anything you’re getting on prescription, as it may be cheaper to buy it yourself.

However, this post is not actually about this but about comments that often come about as a result of this kind of discussion.

Why would anybody want to buy branded paracetamol when you can it buy them from Home Bargain for 16p?

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Email conversation with Neff

Me: I have a Neff account on your site but I need to update the email address for it, which I don’t appear to be able to do. Can you change this for me?

Neff: Unfortunately we are unable to amend those details due to not having access to your account. This is something that only you can do yourself.

Me: Erm…

Code is Poetry

On the meaning of WordPress’ tagline “Code is Poetry”…

I think of coding not just as a means to an end but a craft in and of itself that can exhibit beauty, not just utility.Matt Mullenweg

Is the disclosure of user names and email addresses a weakness?

On the same day that a security searcher released details of a vulnerability in the way WordPress deals with password resets, I too reported a security issue. Well, more of a concern.

For a while I’ve noticed that more and more sites are not telling you, when you do a password reset, if the email you’ve entered is valid or not. They’ll, instead, give you a message along the lines of “if that email is valid, we will send you details on how to reset your password”. That way you can’t use the password reset feature to fish for people’s emails.

But WordPress doesn’t do that. Enter a user name or password and it will tell you if it was valid or not.

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SoundPEATS Q29 Wireless Earbuds

As soon as Apple announced their AirPods it was inevitable that other companies would produce their own equivalents. And, sure enough, SoundPEATS have done just that with their Q29 earbuds.

Just like the AirPods, these work independently of each other and come in a case which also charged them, when not in use. However, there are as many differences between the two products are there are similarities.

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Happy Ed Balls Day!

Least we forget, today is Ed Balls Day. Here are my favourite 10 Tweets from today…

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WordPress ‘Swag Store’ Gets a New Look

WordPress has recently re-launched their ‘Swag store‘ with a great new look, new features and new products to boot. Here you can pick up everything from a branded baby-grow to a phone charger and they’ve promised there’s more to come.

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