I believe in providing good quality support for my WordPress plugins and, to that end, I’ve received some excellent comments from users. Here are some random examples.

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Thank you for such a sweet plugin (gave it 5 *’s on WordPress.org ). What I am most impressed by is the extremely small footprint your plugin has.

Thank you very much David. With your advice I could do it.

Your prompt reply to my request for help was great! The most impressive part of what you do, I think, is your documentation; there is a lot of information, clearly presented, and it oozes credibility!

Love the plugin – has saved me loads of time.

— Mark

That was fast! Thank you so much

Wow, thank you so much! I never dreamed that after simply leaving a comment, you’d be able to make that change to the plugin – literally overnight! I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate this, and how grateful I am for your work on the plugin and for your email to me this morning.


Thanks for all your help David and thanks for the great plugin!

— Jared, FameOrDie.com

I love the plugin i have used it on other sites and worked flawlessly

Hi, I think I found the plugin of my life… not kidding

it’s a damn great plugin… Rate 5 stars

best plugin ever

Just wanted to extend a heart-felt “Thank you!”

Great, thanks for your answer and for this great plugin

I love the Simple Social Bookmarks plugin by David Artiss

Thanks again for the great job you have done. Not only by designing the plugin, but also by spending a lot of time to debug it with me. It was a pleasure helping you.

You are awesome. Thank you!

GREAT plug-in – does exactly what it claims to do! Also really wonderful customer service. I emailed David directly because I couldn’t get the feed list to do something I wanted, and he was incredibly responsive and helpful. I am a total newbie and am very grateful for the help.

Wow! Really nice to see a plugin supported like this!

Just wanted to say thanks for your help and suggestions.

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