I believe in providing good quality support for my WordPress plugins and, to that end, I’ve received some excellent comments from users. Here are some random examples.

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Your prompt reply to my request for help was great! The most impressive part of what you do, I think, is your documentation; there is a lot of information, clearly presented, and it oozes credibility!

I’ll be adding a 5 star rating for your plugin.

Thank you very much David. With your advice I could do it.

Wow, thank you so much! I never dreamed that after simply leaving a comment, you’d be able to make that change to the plugin – literally overnight! I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate this, and how grateful I am for your work on the plugin and for your email to me this morning.

I love the plugin i have used it on other sites and worked flawlessly

Wow! Really nice to see a plugin supported like this!

I love the Simple Social Bookmarks plugin by David Artiss

it’s a damn great plugin… Rate 5 stars

best plugin ever

GREAT plug-in – does exactly what it claims to do! Also really wonderful customer service. I emailed David directly because I couldn’t get the feed list to do something I wanted, and he was incredibly responsive and helpful. I am a total newbie and am very grateful for the help.

That was fast! Thank you so much

A fantastic plugin, the developer should be proud and I hope they continue to support is as they have done to date.

Thank you for taking the time to help me out!

Thank you very much David. Appreciate all of your efforts

it works! awesome! thank you so much!

Hi, I think I found the plugin of my life… not kidding

Thank you for such a sweet plugin (gave it 5 *’s on WordPress.org ). What I am most impressed by is the extremely small footprint your plugin has.

thank you so much for your response. It made all the difference.

— Kari Leigh

Just wanted to extend a heart-felt “Thank you!”

Thank you for such an amazing YouTube plugin. Was looking for something EXACTLY like this! And not to mention a freaking amazing documentation on the plugin.

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