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Why you should buy a PlayStation Pro even if you don’t have a 4K TV

Most people think that the PS4 Pro is for those who have 4K TVs, even though it’s already been pointed out that few games are likely to run anywhere near this resolution natively. But, no, I’d argue that it’s the ideal upgrade from the standard PS4 for those with just a humble HD TV.

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The PS4 Slim and the missing optical connector

Last night Sony announced not only the PlayStation 4 Pro but also the PlayStation 4 Slim. One thing that have been missed is that the latter saves cost by omitting the optical audio connector. This is fine unless you want to use a non-Sony high-end headset, which invariable connects to it. That may not be an issue for you now but what happens when your original PS4 stops working and only the Slim version is available?

Well, there are some solutions.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division – Useful Content

I’ve not enjoyed a game as much since Battlefield 4 (and that was released in 2014!) and have been looking for content to go along with the game. Here’s what I’ve found so far but if there’s anything you can add then please let me know via the comments!

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How I Improved My Console Network Performance

If, like me, you’re an online gamer then gaining maximum performance from your network is critical. The following is a compilation of a number of articles I’ve written on the subject plus a number of new suggestions.

Give them a try – I’d suggest one at a time, try each out before committing to the next change. If you have any problems, you can simply undo the last change you made. Personally, all of these have worked for me and I’ve seen a big improvement in performance.

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Beta for PlayStation 4’s 3.50 Update Starts Soon – Key Features Revealed

The beta program for PlayStation 4’s next major system software update, version 3.50 (codenamed MUSASHI), kicks off tomorrow. If you signed up for the beta and were selected, keep an eye on your email for instructions on downloading.

Regardless of whether you’re in the beta, it’s worth looking at some of the key features they’re adding to PS4 in this update.

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I Take It Back – Don’t buy from Game

A while ago I talked about how you should support your local high street games retailer and, in particular, Game. However, after a recent experience I’m taking that back.

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Everything you need to know about PS4 system software 3.00, out tomorrow

PS4’s 3.00 system software, codename: Kenshin, is available tomorrow.

There are a lot of changes in this update, from entirely new features to UI enhancements. While I detailed its key features earlier this month, this is an overview of the best new additions.

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Find out what new features are coming in PS4 system update 3.00

Today the beta release of the PlayStation 4’s version 3.0 firmware (codename: Kenshin) is released to those lucky enough to be on the beta programme.

For everyone else, there is no current release date but details of what is currently included in the system update has been released (obviously, the final list of features may change).

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Trigger Treadz (PS4)

Trigger Treadz are stick-on, rubber grips for your gaming controller triggers – in this case for the PS4. You get 4 in a packet and these are intended for 2 controllers – so, in the case of the PS4 controller these will fit the L2 and R2 button. There are two different designs for the two pairs – “racing rubber” and “all terrain”, and this simply differentiates the pattern on the grip. In use, I couldn’t ascertain a difference.

Each is labelled up for the individual trigger as they are shaped for each. Peel off the backing paper and then carefully apply. Push down and it’s done. I’ve read in some reviews of people finding them peel off soon after but I’ve had no such issue. It may help leaving them a number of hours after applying before using them.

Packaging of these consist of simple, and not too over-sized, cardboard surround with a plastic section in the middle to hold the 4 grips. A folded up instruction leaflet lurks inside too, with written instructions on one side and a diagram on the other. The written instructions, although adequate, are in a tiny font – if you have even the smallest sight issue, you may struggle reading it. The diagram is quite funny in a way – it shows the back of the controller, 2 grips and arrows pointing to where they go. The second, and last, diagram shows the grips on the controller. I guess there isn’t much else to it but it’s not much different to a before and after picture and, I don’t think, adds anything.

But, most importantly, do they perform? They were solid and I can feel them under my fingertips but I didn’t notice any difference in grip. But then I’ve found much the same with controller grips – I’m sure they ARE making a difference, but just not to the point it’s really noticeable. Certainly, these grips are better than the standard plastic trigger.

But they didn't last long...

May 2016 – In the last few weeks the glue has stopped working and they have started to become unstuck. As a result I’m going to have to remove them (and clear up the glue left behind). This means they’ve lasted about 8 months, which isn’t particularly good. I’ve therefore updated the review score to reflect this.


Support Your Local Game Store

And, by this title, I mean the bricks-and-mortar Game stores in the UK.

I used to get all my games from Amazon. However, order a game for delivery on the day of release and you’re reliant on whatever time the postman turns up – worst still, if you use Amazon Prime, they use a courier. When I pre-ordered Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare (with, let’s not forget bonus features on the first day only) it was delivered, by courier, at 8:30pm. I’d been at home all day (not to do with the game, I should add).

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