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What happens when Amazon can’t deliver your parcel

We’ve all seen stories of what couriers do a in vain attempt to deliver a parcel but what actually happens when Amazon are unable to do so? I’ve experienced it this week and, it has to be said, it didn’t go very well.

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The airport VAT "scam" and what they don’t tell you

The UK news is currently awash with stories of people refusing to show boarding cards at airport retailers, after finding that many reclaim their VAT and don’t pass this onto their customers. Dixons, WHSmiths and Boots are just three companies named.

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Upgrading a Mid-2012 Macbook Pro to SSD

It was back in August 2012 that I bought myself a Macbook Pro. It’s still going just as strong today, now with the latest version of OS X (although battery lift is not what it was). It wasn’t a standard build as I opted for a 120GB SSD, instead of the usual mechanical drive. As I wasn’t storing music, videos or photos on it I felt that 120GB of storage would be plenty, and the SSD would add extra resilience.

However, although storage of media is still not something I do on it, I do make extensive use of iMovie. And it positively eats drive storage. Thankfully, since, SSD prices have dropped, so it’s time for a replacement.

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Using USB Flash Memory with the PlayStation 4

Since Sony recently added the ability to download files to USB devices, I’ve been using it regularly to copy recorded videos for later editing. I’ve been using a WD My Passport Edge – it holds 500GB of data and is USB 3. However, I do my video editing during my lunch at work and throwing (although not quite literally) a physical drive into a bag for transport is not my preference – it’s relatively bulky and, naturally, is prone to failure due to the movement.

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Ford Focus – tips for a new owner

Yes, I’ve just bought a new car – the 2013 model of the Ford Focus Titanium X. It has a 1.0 litre Ecoboost engine which is remarkably good for it’s small, 3 cylinder capacity. A lawnmower it is not!

And the thing about the Titanium X is that it’s bristling with gadgets – it has the optionally appearance pack too which includes keyless entry. Anyway, I’ve come across a number of things that have required head-scratching and a lot of Googling so I thought I’d document them here.

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ProductTesting.uk.com and why you should avoid them

ProductTesting.uk.com is a company promising to provide free products for review purposes. Okay, they don’t say EVERYONE will get something but at least you could be in with a chance. I get enough products from companies, agencies and my own pocket to keep me busy but thought, as a lot of these companies can be “too good to be true” to see what happens. Sadly, it was worse than I could have imagined.

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