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Reviews of products that I’ve been bought or sent. Please read my disclosure

SoundPEATS B20 Earphones

I’ve recently reviewed a number of cordless SoundPEATS headphones but today it’s a more traditional wired set.

The B20 earphones have a rather unusual style too. Behind the swappable rubber ear tips (you get 3 different sized pairs)  is a bright red metal section, finalised by a light wooden end. Whether it’s real wood or not I can’t tell but I’d suggest that you’ll either love or hate the rather unusual look. They are, however, quite long with both those metal and wood sections and stick out of the ear quite far – none-the-less, they were comfy and didn’t fall out.

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SoundPEATS Q22 Bluetooth Headphones

The Q22s are the latest Bluetooth headphones from SoundPEATS. These, unlike some of the others I’ve reviewed, have a higher quality metal design and look very nice. But are they as good as the previous models, which I’ve been impressed with?

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Huion H610 – 10 Inch Drawing Tablet

Huion is hardly a household name but is seriously rivalling other graphics tablet manufacturers, such as Wacom. Indeed, the H610 represents outstanding value-for-money – a 10 inch tablet for just £49.99. At that price you get an entry level Wacom, with a much smaller size and much lower specifications.

But has the Huion got what it takes to really compete?

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iFans USB Type-C Car Charger

I’ve reviewed the Tronsmart USB type-c car charger before and found it to be a willing and useful device. This time it’s a similar product but from iFans.

Indeed, there are many similarities, including the captured type-c cable and the separate full-size USB socket for charging other devices. Right now, too, they’re the same price.

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Quick Review: Minhe Desktop USB Fan

After using a 6 inch fan by my bedside for many years, and watch it fall apart recently, it was time to upgrade. My final choice, and one I’m extremely happy with, is a USB powered version, which is just 4 inches yet blows better than the one it replaced.

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Jackery Titan S 20100mAh Power Bank

With battery life barely improving on smartphones (and, let’s be honest, the current interest in Pokemon Go) anything that can help is greatly appreciated. To this end, the power bank has come popular – essentially a portable battery which you can connect to your phone, to top it up when you’re away from the mains.

And the Jackery Titan S is a monster. Weighing around 435g and 15 x 2 x 8.1cm in size, this is not light or small in the hand, but then it is encased in a lovely, rounded aluminium surround. Adding to that weight is the 20100mAh of batteries inside. To put this into context, this can recharge my Nexus 6P nearly 6 times before it needs a recharge. That’s a lot of power.

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SoundPEATS P2 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Again, I’m reviewing a SoundPEATS product but, this time, something a little different. The P2 is a small, waterproof, Bluetooth portable speaker. And, for the money, it is, once again, cracking value for money.

A square, but colourful, package, measuring just 3.86 x 3.54 x 1.97 inches, you can choose between blue or green highlights. Taking up the majority of the front and back are black speaker grills. The styling around this, including the colouring, does offer any practicality and, to my mind, isn’t particularly exciting. Personally, I’d have preferred something a little plainer.

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NAT Professional Anti Copy USB Flash Drive

Possibly, the most stylish USB memory stick I’ve come across, the NAT has chrome surrounds (although this is a painted Chrome finish) and padded leather inserts on both large sides. But the trick up the sleeve of this is that this can restrict copying, or more, of data on it.

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Toshiba U401 TransMemory USB Flash Drive

The Toshiba U401 is an all-metal USB memory stick, available in a range of memory capacities from 8 – 64GB, with prices from £5.09 to £13.99. They are USB 2 and as with my review for the U201, I don’t really get the advantage of not buying USB 3, as there is so little price advantage.

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Toshiba U201 TransMemory USB Flash Drive

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way first – this is a USB 2 flash drive that I’m reviewing and, I’ll admit, I don’t get it. USB 3 prices have come down so much that I don’t know why anybody would buy USB 2 in preference. Even if you only have a USB 2 ports on your computer you may upgrade in the future. In fact, looking at models of Toshiba flash drives, with same capacity, that are identical other than which version of USB they use shows… a whole 13p price difference. So, for the sake of 13p, would you really buy USB 2?

Anyway, ignoring that for a moment, the U201 range of flash drives are small, plastic, colourful models. With a keyring hook in one corner these are bright and convenient. Sadly they lack any kind of cap to cover the end connectors but who doesn’t end up losing these anyway?

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