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How NOT to push out code updates for a WordPress plugin

This is how this started off.

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Useful WordPress code snippets

If you wish to add any additional code to a WordPress site, where you place it is important. If it’s theme specific code you should add it to functions.php, in the theme folder. For CSS you should add this to the theme customizer. If the latter is not available to you, your theme may have a custom.css file for this.  If it’s not a theme specific change then I create my own, single-file plugin.

A lot of my code snippets over the years have gone on to become full-blown plugins in their own right but there is still some code that remains in my site plugin. So I thought I’d share them.

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WordPress and Update Signing

So, you’ve created open source software to make it easier to provide update signing. It requires auditing but  you ask WordPress to implement it with their system but, for now, they decline, simply because it’s not something immediately planned. However, Matt Mullenwegg agreed to donate towards getting the audit done.

What would you do the next day?

I’m guessing it wouldn’t involve posting a massive rant about WordPress, but specifically aimed at Matt, about how much WordPress doesn’t care about security, even to the point of trying to make popular a hashtag of #StopMullware? Well, that’s just what Scott Arciszewski did, via Medium.

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I’ve moved. Again.

Only a few weeks ago I moved the site domain and now the hosting has moved too. Tsohost, a UK hosting company, has great support and is excellent value for money. But you get what you paid for and I’ve remained frustrated at speed problems with my site.

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Resetting WordPress Two-Factor Settings

The Two Factor plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites is an excellent way of improving the security of your site. There were plans to move this into Core last year but this hasn’t happened – to be honest, I suspect it may be due to how unfinished it currently is, in particular it’s not very user-friendly.

One such “unfriendly” feature is that once you set up a third party authenticator app (which you do via a QR code) there’s no option to do it again – switch phones or apps and there’s no way to set this back up again.

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My Year in WordPress – learn more about how I contributed to WordPress in 2016!

Changing the Font Size in a Jetpack Contact Form

For the theme I’m currently using, the field descriptions on the Jetpack contact form appear really, really small.

After some fiddling (and Googling, which although yielded answers, I didn’t find any that worked) I found a solution.

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At the weekend the popular WordPress host (and recommended by WordPress.org) Bluehost had an outage for approximately 12 hours. This affected many customers, including the Automattic owned WP Tavern website.

Somebody asked why WP Tavern was on Bluehost and not one one of the WordPress.com VIP hosting packages, to which Matt Mullenweg replied…

I like to have things on each of the hosts that .org recommends to get first-hand customer experience, both the ups and the downs. So Tavern is on Bluehost.Matt, WP Tavern

Now, isn’t that a REALLY good idea?

State of the Word, 2016

Last weekend was WordCamp US (WCUS ), during which Matt Mullenweg gave his yearly “State of the Word” keynote speech. It’s interesting, particularly this year, as it’s not just about the previous year but also about what to expect from WordPress in the coming year.

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9 Year Anniversary

In the last few days I’ve hit a milestone…


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