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Advertising Gutenberg use on your website

The brand-new, all-singing, all-dancing, editor for WordPress is due imminently and I’ve been using the beta version for some time for creating posts on this site. Recently you may have noticed a little advertisement of this fact has appeared at the top of (some of) my posts – I’ve added this to help promote Gutenberg.

Let me share the code I’ve used to do this…


Why many websites don’t have security as a priority

As part of my new job online security is paramount. To this end, for a number of months I’ve been ploughing through my online accounts and updating passwords to be unique and strong. A password manager is essential to this – I use LastPass but 1Password is also recommended. I also changed my email address recently too so I’ve been taking the opportunity to update that as well.

Unfortunately, some websites, and retailers in particular, don’t seem to want to help out, making it difficult, one way or another, to be as secure online as you’d like.

Development WordPress

Advanced CSS Tricks & Techniques

CSS is my weak spot in web development, so I’m always happy to come across useful compilations of useful snippets – in this case CSS that allows you to do some pretty whizzy stuff, really easily.

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Stop Me and Buy One

A new year and lots more web work.

First of all, and the biggie, is adding on-line ticket sales to the BMTG site. All of this is being processed by PayPal. It’s now received committee approval and my final design has been tested today… hopefully it will all go live by the end of the week.

The back-end is a MySQL database containing two tables – one containing the ticket details and the other is a control table for the on-line charges. The ticket page then uses PHP to access the database and construct it’s content, including ticket tables, PayPal links and even writing the description at the top of the page to describe any processing fees (they currently intend to charge just a set charge per ticket bought on-line, but in case they want to do something more complex, such as add P&P fees or per-transaction fees, I’ve added that in).

However, how many sales it will generate I’m not sure about.. I remain sceptical (especially as there’s a 50p processing charge).

I’ve also changed the majority of the sites pages as I improve accessibility – nothing visually has changed, but a lot of code has been modified.

Meantime I’ve found a problem with my earlier change to make the YouTube code valid. It seems that when I blank the screen using code, the YouTube video stays highlighted, getting the way of any photos displayed. This only occurs on one screen (the only one where video and photos are in close proximity) so I’ve had to change that back to the original YouTube code whilst I investigate further.