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My name is David, and I am a WordPress support professional and writer.

This is my 1.5GB of fame.

My name is David Artiss (he/him) and I work at WordPress VIP as a Customer Success Support Lead (EMEA). My team provide front-line triaging and developer support to enterprise customers.

When not working, I am also a journalist for the technology website, The Big Tech Question and have also been known to make appearances on the PC Pro podcast.

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I speak on a wide range of topics, from WordPress development, customer success to remote working.

WordPress Plugin README Tags – what you need to know

When building a WordPress plugin, a good quality README is critical, particularly if you’re going to be hosting it in the official directory. However, I’ve recently come across some unusual behaviour with the tags option that I want to dive into further. According to “Developer Resources” on WordPress.org, tags are… 1 to 12 comma separated…

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WordPress Plugin Quality – Missing the Point

https://twitter.com/DerekAshauer/status/1727049191443116518 https://twitter.com/zodiac1978/status/1727054388248666148 I’m just a few days away from deleting my Twitter account1 and don’t want to reply directly there (it will also railroad the original discussion, which I also don’t want), so will make use of a WordPress-powered blog to do so. But, sorry, Torsten, you’ve missed the point of my talk. At no…

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How to fix Apple Watch battery issues after WatchOS 10.1

When WatchOS 10.1 was released last week, I started having massive issues with the battery and charging of my Apple Watch Series 8. Bad enough that it made the watch next to unusable. However, the fix turned out to be something simple, despite even Apple Support missing it. First, let me tell you the story…

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