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Work on my first WordPress has begun

For the last few weeks I’ve been expressing interest in creating my first WordPress theme. As with most things, I want to blog the experience but I suspect this will take long enough that people would soon get sick of the number of post entries on the topic. For this reason, I’ve created a static page, which will have sub-pages hanging off of it, documenting the process, albeit not timestamped (which probably makes sense as some elements, such as the design overview will be added and updated over time).

At the time of writing this the page is empty but please bookmark it, if it’s something of interest, and come back at regular intervals to see how it’s going on. The aim is for the theme, named ‘April’, to replace the one on this site.

April WordPress Theme


Justifying an unnecessary expense

Can an expensive purchase, replacing something that, technically, isn’t actually broken be justified?

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My entire life until now, I felt humans were making progress. Uneven, confused, wrong at times, but progress. Now? Idiots run the world.Jimmy Wales, Twitter

Beware the Bosch Cashback

Bosch have a current promotion where, on certain appliances, they will give you cashback via a pre-paid Mastercard. For my recently purchased washing machine, this was £100 – not to be sniffed at and certainly helped justify the cost!

But getting the cashback out of them is proving rather tricky.

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My WordPress plugins and future support

Don’t panic, I’m still supporting them 😉

However, I’ve realised that I’m doing a lot of work to maintain backwards compatibility for quite old versions of WordPress. But why? It’s a small number of users and is there a point in me updating a plugin, say, to add new security features if it’s running on an old, insecure version of WordPress? You should really have your site on the latest, or near to latest, version of WordPress at all times.

So, with the next release of each of my plugins, they will now have a minimum requirement of WordPress 4.6.

WordCamp London – a diary of a WordCamp virgin

For my first ever WordCamp, I thought I’d go ‘all out’ – the full 3 days and volunteering as well. Oh, and it’s the London WordCamp too, the largest in the UK.

So, I thought I’d write about my experience – the highs and the inevitable, exhausted lows.

For those who don’t know what a WordCamp is – it’s a get together of fans, users and companies about WordPress. They happen all over the world and are of varying sizes.

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A dodgy damp fix

Our main bedroom has a bay window and, mainly during the winter, mould grows on the interior wall. There’s some separation of the skirting boards from the wall and there are cracks in the wall – basically signs that damp is getting into the wall, possibly from the small flat roof about it.

So, I decided to get somebody in to check it and, hopefully, cure it. What happened was rather unexpected.

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Why do TVs have to be smart?

It’s hard to buy a TV these days without it being a “Smart TV”. With build-in apps and other connected features it seems to be a great way to add content to your TV. But is it?

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Preventing Self Pings

If you have pingbacks switched on for your WordPress site 1 on new articles’) then one annoyance is ‘self pings’ when you link to one of your posts from another.

Well, self pings can be prevented with a simple script, added to your functions.php file.

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  1. Settings -> Discussion and then tick ‘Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks[]
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