👋🏼 Hello

My name is David Artiss (he/him) and I work at WordPress VIP as a Customer Success Support Lead (EMEA). My team provide front-line triaging and developer support to enterprise customers.

When not working, I am also a journalist for the technology website, The Big Tech Question and have also been known to make appearances on the PC Pro podcast.

Reading as often as I can (comic book and non-fiction) 📖, I also watch a lot of films (action and comedy) 🎬, TV (comedy and documentary) 📺 and listen to music and podcasts 🎧. I’m a Star Wars, Star Trek and Marvel nerd. An avid gamer 🕹and amateur theatre performer 🎭 rounds off my social time.

Although I try and keep out of politics, I am an EU Remainer 🇪🇺.

🗣 Neurodiverse, bipolar, an ambivert, aphantasmic and a sufferer of sensory overload. I’m also a lucid dreamer, cross-dominant, have bradycardia and experience déjà rêvé. Semi-vegetarian, tea-total, whilst also hypo-sensitive to caffeine, and lactose intolerant, I’m a total hit at parties. 

🤝 I support Rainbows Children’s Hospice, The Trussell Trust and WP&UP.

ℹ️ About this site

This site was named as a weekly blog highlight by public relations service company Cision on 4th December 2009 and has been mentioned on the BBC website. Twice.

1,082 articles have been published.

It’s running WordPress 6.2.2 under PHP 8.1.20 and is proudly hosted by Pressable.

🛠 Contributing to WordPress

I am a long-time contributor to WordPress, having assisted with (and continuing to assist with)…

I am also the author of a number of free WordPress plugins.

Finally, I have twice been a volunteer at WordCamp Europe and WordCamp London, specialising more recently in assisting with social media out-reach.

❤️ My Support

I support a number of businesses and organisations that I like and admire. Sometimes this is through donations or sponsorship, and sometimes this is through paying for products that they make.

I list them here so that you can try them out and support them too, and to inspire and encourage you to use your money to say you appreciate peoples’ work and the value they create.

Big Orange Heart – supports & promotes positive mental health within the remote working community.

Rainbows Children’s Hospice – a local hospice, providing care and support to life-limited children and their families.

National Trust – heritage conservation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Wikimedia Foundation – develops and maintains open content, wiki-based projects, including Wikipedia.