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A Year of WordPress Plugin Updates

Today marks a momentous occasion – for most of this year I’ve been trying to bring my 18 WordPress plugins up-to-date and, as of this morning, it’s now complete.

You see, I’d allowed my WordPress plugins to fall behind in their updates, for various reasons, and changes were required to them all – not enhancements but basic maintenance tasks.

Why did it take me so long? Quite simply, time. With a new job, I need to prioritise that above everything else. Now, more settled I’ve been able to find the time to get this work done. And, my work also allowed me time to complete one of those tasks – learning Github enough to be able to start hosting my plugins there – as Github knowledge is of use to my role as well.

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Why can’t Jo Malone change your account’s email?

This all started, innocently, yesterday as I was going through some online accounts that I have registered to an old email address.

I bought my wife some Jo Malone perfume last year, I think, and, as a result, I now have an account on their site. But, and unfortunately they’re not the only site to do this, they don’t provide a way for you to change your email.

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Goodbye contact form

Inspired by Mika Epstein, I've ditched this site's contact form. And, shameless ripping off her post on the subject, I'm going to explain a little bit of why.

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What’s on my desk?

A while ago I wrote posts on 'What's in my bag?' and 'What's in my pencil case?'. However, picking up an idea that came from an internal discussion amongst some Automatticians, I now present to you 'What's on my desk?'.

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Remind me again… Scotland Yard?

I didn’t know there was a board game based on Scotland Yard, the home to the London police, until my wife stumbled across it on Amazon. The short descrition describes it thus – “Race around London to try and capture the elusive Mr X”. Reviews are positive and it’s a decent price.

But, there was something about its listing on Amazon that caught her eye.

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On Long Passwords

At the moment, I’m having a ‘discussion’ with British Airways on Twitter. Sadly, it’s not the first time I’ve had a similar conversation with a company.

Here’s the initial part of the problem – when you try and change your BA password, it gives you the following guidance for the password…

So, the password has to be at least 6 digits and be numbers and letters. No symbols, mind you, which is a negative point. So, I put in a new password, generated for me. 49 digits no less. It complained..

The password you have supplied is invalid. Passwords need to be at least 6 characters in length and use a mix of letters (English A-Z) and numbers.

But my password did abide by those rules.

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This beauty is on my Twitter timeline today. Notice anything odd?

Check the mirror.

Or is it a mirror? It appears to be a hole through to an identical cabin (which, thankfully, has their hole filled in) – no wonder they can’t sell them.

But, let’s be honest, it’s supposed to be a mirror. It’s just that whoever photoshopped this doesn’t have particularly good skills.

ONA17: Mr Artiss Goes To Washington

Just weeks after returning from the company GM in Canada, I’m off again. This time I’m attending a conference in Washington DC -my first visit to the US! The conference in question is ONA17, which is for journalists. My team, WordPress VIP, works with a lot of media companies so we have sponsored a booth at the event and I will be one of a number of the VIP team attending to help run it, provide advice and, hopefully, assist with new client leads.

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My First Grand Meetup

Every year Automattic has a “Grand Meetup” (GM), where all the employees, from across the world, get together for a week. This year it was in Whistler, Canada, a resort town which hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics.

As my first GM I was, understandable, apprehensive. I’d been told that a GM could be overwhelming, so I made it my task to make sure it wasn’t.

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If you’d asked me a couple of years ago what goals I’d like to achieve in the near future I would have told you 2 things…

  • Work for Automattic
  • Publish an article on a technology website

I achieved the first earlier this year and, a couple of weeks ago, I had my first technology article published as well. In fact, I’ve since published a second and a third is imminent.

The Big Tech Question is a new technology site, the brains behind it being both a past and the current editor of PC Pro magazine, the UK’s biggest selling monthly computing magazine. I hope to publish many more articles in time too.

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