Work on WordPress theme Twenty Nineteen has started – doesn’t it look pretty?

Update: I’ve now reverted back to my previous theme. Twenty Nineteen had too many issues present for me to continue using it (it was the first, very draft release, after all). Everything I saw has been reported though and I’m looking forward to using it a later time.

Just 3 hours ago (at the time of writing), the new theme for WordPress 5.0 was announced – Twenty Nineteen. And I’m running the very early version on this site.

Designed specifically for Gutenberg, it looks great but, yeah, some if it has broken the site (you don’t need to tell me).

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My first micro-sabbatical

I recently discussed the idea of a micro-sabbatical – a short time off work where, rather than lay in bed, I use my time for family and self-improvement.

Left to my own devices on a day off, I’d probably have a lie-in before watching far too much daytime TV and then even indulging in a movie for the afternoon. By the end of the week I’ll feel that I hadn’t achieved anything. So, I set myself a specific schedule for each day to ensure I had something to do at each point, yet something I wanted to be doing.

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It’s official – I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Edinburgh next month

I may have developing on the WordPress platform for 11 years but, as yet, I haven’t been a speaker at a WordCamp. In fact, other than at work, internally, I’ve never given a talk on WordPress at all. So, it’s with some relief that I can announce that I will “pop my cherry” next month, as I’m announced as a speaker at WordCamp Edinburgh.

But there’s a little story behind it (ssshhh, don’t tell the organisers).

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Overwatch: The life of a Bastion main

Yes, I “main” Bastion. And, by that, I mean it’s my principal character (by a long way – 81 out of 102 hours played, at the time of writing this).

But a lot of players feel he’s overpowered and only used by “noobs”. The lack of Bastion players in competitive eSports is cited as a demonstration of this. Combine that with the often toxic environment of gaming and he can make passions run high.

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Has the ClassicPress fork of WordPress taken a wrong turn?

ClassicPress has recently been making headlines within the WordPress community – it’s a fork of WordPress which doesn’t include Gutenberg. Personally, I didn’t get it – you can just as easily install the standard WordPress Core and use the Classic Editor plugin to turn Gutenberg off.

But I have nothing against forks, per se, as Gary Pendergast (Pento) recently wrote, they are a much needed thing within the open source community. However, Pento put it succinctly when he said…

ClassicPress has styled itself as a protest against Gutenberg

However, recent proposals for ClassicPress now make me wonder what their aim really was and whether they’ve made a turn for the worst.

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Can we talk about Gutenberg and some of the toxic elements of the community?

Unlike so many of the articles on the subject of Gutenberg, I’m not going to review it. I’ve run it on my site for some time and think it’s great. As a non-JS (okay, I know a little) developer, it’s going to be a steep hill to convert my plugins but as a user, I think it’s an amazing improvement.

No, I want to talk about some of the toxicity in the community and discuss some of the conspiracy theories that accompanies this.

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Detecting per-post use of Gutenberg

There may be times when you need to detect use of Gutenberg on a per-post level – for example, a plugin that adds specific Gutenberg functionality, or maybe to display specific content on Gutenberg pages.

With plugins such as Gutenberg Ramp available, making it easy to specify specific groups of posts that should use Gutenberg, plus the fact that only posts you edit/add after installing Gutenberg will make use of its new functionality, it’s easy to see that most sites will end up with a mixed estate.

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