Add Twitter threads to your WordPress post

We can already quickly and easily embed Tweets in WordPress posts, but wouldn’t it be great to add entire threads too? Well, you can. All you need is the block editor and version 8.7, or greater, of Jetpack.

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Minding my language: trying to make WordPress more inclusive

With everything going in the world right now our use of language has come into sharper focus. Words matter.

And as a contributor to WordPress, a platform that runs over 35% of the internet, I’ve been turning my eye towards the language it uses. On screens and in code.

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My WordCamp Europe Talk

Everything you ever wanted to know about WordPress transients: in 10 minutes

WordPress has a native database caching system called the Transients API. This simple wrapper can be used for caching database queries, remote data, or other expensive routines.

In this technical talk you will discover how to best use the API and the pitfalls to avoid (content which is neither documented nor generally available, so this will be a genuine eye-opener for developers).

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How can I create a plugin for WordPress?

Powering over a third of the internet, WordPress has become insanely popular due to its open-source nature and the vast array of plugins and themes availableĀ to extend your website further. At the time of writing, there are more than 56,000 free pluginsĀ available from

Assuming you have a basic knowledge of PHP, creating your own plugin for WordPress is actually quite easy.

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How to rename your Github master branch

There’s a lot of discussion right now about the default Git branch of master and about renaming itself to something more inclusive.

I’m going to take you through a little of the background to why this is occurring and how to do it in Github.