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Plugin developer, Core contributor and support volunteer. Yeah, I’m a WordPress fan!

Big WP – London Calling

At numerous locations, often in big cities, regular WordPress-themed meetups occur. Anyone can run one and those attending can be anybody from bloggers to developers, with all levels of knowledge. However, probably the biggest in the UK is the appropriately named Big WP, held in London. Less regular than some others it, none-the-less, attracts a big audience and some impressive speakers.

For this meetup, the first in a while, I’ve attended – my first Big WP.

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A Year of WordPress Plugin Updates

Today marks a momentous occasion – for most of this year I’ve been trying to bring my 18 WordPress plugins up-to-date and, as of this morning, it’s now complete.

You see, I’d allowed my WordPress plugins to fall behind in their updates, for various reasons, and changes were required to them all – not enhancements but basic maintenance tasks.

Why did it take me so long? Quite simply, time. With a new job, I need to prioritise that above everything else. Now, more settled I’ve been able to find the time to get this work done. And, my work also allowed me time to complete one of those tasks – learning Github enough to be able to start hosting my plugins there – as Github knowledge is of use to my role as well.

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Why Greenpeace needs WordPress

Greenpeace is about to embark on a digital initiative called Planet 4 (P4 for short) - a next-generation content management system (CMS) and also the process of building it and getting to market.

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My WordCamp Europe 2017 Diary

Thursday 15th June kicks off 2017’s WordCamp Europe, this year in Paris. And I’ll be there! As with WC London, I’ll be volunteering during the main event and contributing on Thursday itself.

During the event I’ll be updating this post with a diary of how it goes – WCEU is the biggest WordCamp in the world and, I’ll admit, a little daunting.

I fly to Paris very early on Wednesday 14th, where I’m staying at a hotel arranged by Automattic for its employees attending the camp. I’m both excited but nervous (similar to how I was for London).

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New WordPress Profile Badge

I have a new badge on my profile which I’m proud of…

This for being a ‘translation contributor’. Most of it, I’ll admit, is for translating US English to UK English (not surprisingly, it’s pretty easy to do) but also my wife and I did some German and French translating recently too. This is not the end and I’ll continue to contribute to this where I can – it’s incredibly easy to do.

Simple security tips for WordPress

At a recent visit to a local WordPress meetup, the question of how we should secure our WordPress websites came up. Not from a business angle, but for regular at-home bloggers.

So, here’s my 2¢ worth.

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Code is Poetry

On the meaning of WordPress’ tagline “Code is Poetry”…

I think of coding not just as a means to an end but a craft in and of itself that can exhibit beauty, not just utility.Matt Mullenweg