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We all experience it, whether good or bad. I write mine up, particularly if some shaming or congratulating is required!

Me: I have a Neff account on your site but I need to update the email address for it, which I don’t appear to be able to do. Can you change this for me?

Neff: Unfortunately we are unable to amend those details due to not having access to your account. This is something that only you can do yourself.

Me: Erm…

Why can’t I transfer my domain from 1&1?

I’ve had an account with 1&1 for, oh, many years. Never for hosting but simply for domain handling – specifically artiss.co.uk.

However, needing to install SSL on this domain, my host (Tsohost) can only do it if the domain is hosted with them and 1&1, well, they won’t give me SSL because I don’t have the domain hosted with them. So, the easiest solution was to move the domain to Tsohost.

Sadly, 1&1 have made sure this process isn’t easy.

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Beware the Bosch Cashback

Bosch have a current promotion where, on certain appliances, they will give you cashback via a pre-paid Mastercard. For my recently purchased washing machine, this was £100 – not to be sniffed at and certainly helped justify the cost!

But getting the cashback out of them is proving rather tricky.

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Amazon “fall short” once again with their customer service

So, on Tuesday, the 9-disc Blu-Ray set of the first 6 Star Wars films dropped in price to just £40 on Amazon. I’d been waiting a while for this so immediately ordered it – I rarely upgrade my DVDs to Blu-Ray but, in the case of Star Wars, I’m happy to make an exception.

On Wednesday evening, I got a pop-up message on my phone to indicate that the parcel had been delivered. Except it hadn’t. No card through the door and order screen says it was “handed to the householder”. No, it wasn’t.

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I have an excellent laptop bag from STM and it’s been  in daily use for over 2 years. However, recently, the shoulder padding on the strap tore. I contacted STM to see if there was any way I could get a replacement strap.

Their response was that they would be happy to send me one free of charge. Brilliant! I provided them with my address and then they responded to say…

My mistake, since you are located out of the continental U.S, there will be a shipping fee of $30 as our warranty does not cover shipping internationally.

And $30 is about how much it would cost for a replacement bag. No thanks.

The thing is here is that, desperate to provide good customer servicer, they agreed to do something without asking the relevant questions  – i.e. say they’ll provide me with a free strap before asking where I lived. That was THEIR mistake. Most companies, upon realising that would have just replaced it free. But no, and by doing that, they quickly turned satisfaction into dissatisfaction. Indeed, they didn’t even tell me if it was possible to buy a strap nearer to home – you know, where it doesn’t cost as much again to buy the bag.

EXCLUSIVE: Find out why Amazon deliveries go wrong – from one of their own delivery drivers!

A few days ago I blogged about a delivery problem I’d had. It wasn’t “run of the mill” and seemed to consist of a series of mistakes being made, none of which could be pinned on a specific part of the process failing. However, today, I’ve been contacted by one of their own delivery drivers, who will remain anonymous, to tell us why these issues occur – and it will surprise you!

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What happens when Amazon can’t deliver your parcel

We’ve all seen stories of what couriers do a in vain attempt to deliver a parcel but what actually happens when Amazon are unable to do so? I’ve experienced it this week and, it has to be said, it didn’t go very well.

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I Take It Back – Don’t buy from Game

A while ago I talked about how you should support your local high street games retailer and, in particular, Game. However, after a recent experience I’m taking that back.

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Bye bye BT

Right now an outage is on-going for many BT broadband customers across the UK. With many websites accessible, it may take days to resolve. It started last night, and coincided with a loss of their DNS server as well, but even 12 hours later they weren’t reporting any issues other than for a small number of places. The system status checker showed no issues in my area, even though I was talking with people on Twitter, living nearby, who had the same problems.

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Bearing in mind the Sony Xperia Tablet Z came out 2 years ago, I’m impressed that it’s just been upgraded to Lollipop. My wife’s Motorola Moto G still hasn’t, and that’s only from last year. So, congratulations where due to Sony for still maintaining past products.


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