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Migrating to a Tsohost Cloud account

I genuinely love my Tsohost hosting but my antiquated cPanel hosting needs a 2015 makeover. So, over the coming hours/days I’m migrating (still at Tsohost, I hasten to add) to their Cloud platform. Goodness awaits and I’m looking forward to getting to know it further. Meantime, expect some downtime, which can’t be helped, as the sites are migrated.

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How to get your WordPress site ready for the ICO cookie regulations

I’m going to assume you know what I mean by the new cookie regulations. Anyway, they came into force on the 26th May 2012 although the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) is saying that it has no plans to fine people immediately. Instead they will instigate action when a user complains via a webpage that the ICO have not yet set up. Even then they are more likely to ask you to make changes before going as far as fining you. Never-the-less, there is a potential $500,000 so it’s important that if the changes do apply to you, to do something about it. Of course, you can also complain about the law.

There are a number of plugins currently available in the repository which can assist you with meeting the requirements and I’ve looked at each to see what they offer and what they lack.