Customer Service

How do I contact Google?

For all it’s number of employees and the billions of dollars that it makes, Google is pretty poor when it comes to providing customer service. That’s if you can find anyone to provide a service. Google relies on forums and help pages with little backup if they don’t help. Indeed, even their social network accounts are only a one-way experience, with no assisting being made available.

But, let’s be honest, when it comes to reporting to them a breach of their Terms of Service and, potentially, illegal use of one of their product names, they’ll be a lot easier to contact. Right?



Adding AdSense Auto ads to your WordPress site

Google has announced, today, a new style of AdSense ad – the “Auto ad”. Using machine learning, the code will insert adverts into your site where it things they will be most relevant.

Auto ads balance revenue and user experience by delivering the right ad at the right time to your visitors.

They can even be added side-by-side with your existing, fixed, AdSense advert. And it’s really easy to add these to your WordPress site.