Why I turned down an invite to buy a OnePlus Two

When the original OnePlus One came out I commented that the invite system had frustrated me and I’d decided not to buy one. However, as soon as I received one I changed my mind – the features you got for the money was too much to pass on. Now the OnePlus Two is out – more powerful and with more features but with that same invite system. I got sent an invite on Friday with 24 hours to claim it and…. left it to expire. Why? Let me explain…

Manually Updating your OnePlus One to Lollipop

The Lollipop version of Cyanogen has been available to OnePlus One owners since early in the week but, due to a slow OTA rollout, many have yet to receive it. If, like me, you’re impatient to try it then there’s an answer – it doesn’t require your phone to be rooted, it doesn’t wipe your existing data and it comes with pretty close to zero risk.

Why you should never quote OnePlus One battery figures on Twitter

I was particularly impressed with the battery life of my new phone (and still am) and so responded to someone that OnePlus had retweeted (they do that) talking about the same. What I wasn’t expecting was the amount of cynicism and down-right hatred that I’d get in response. I was accused of Photoshopping my battery […]

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