My Wedding Singer Diary – Part 4

It’s now just 3 weeks to the opening night of the show. Nervous? Me? Actually, no. I have some lines left to learn and a couple of dances to work on but, otherwise, yeah, I’m confident. My hair, which got a mention in my last diary entry, it getting to new levels of annoyance – it’s knotty, won’t dry, sticks up all over the place and is now getting in my eyes. I’ve remember now why I hate it long – I grew it long for Jesus Christ Superstar and love the photos of me during that time – the one at the top of this site is taken from that time – but had obviously forgotten how much I hated it at the time!

In the last entry I mentioned that I had another part. Okay, now add one more. I now play a Secret Service Agent during the final wedding scene. Now, a black suit and tie I can do. I’ve already got the mirrored shaded and have, fantastically, found someone selling genuine agent-style ear-pieces on Amazon for just a couple of pounds. I don’t need it but, yeah, it will look cool 😉

My Wedding Singer Diary – Part 3

More scenes are now complete including, last night, one set in a shopping mall. Unbeknown to me I’m in that too, so chalk up another character for the show. Actually, no, two. I’m seen first of all shopping and then, later, in the dress shop trying to flog a bridal gown (so, I’m assuming they’re different characters). And if you want to see me dance with a mannequin then this is the time to do it!

But you know what this also means, don’t you? More costumes.

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