Wall of Shame

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Does anybody actually like recieving spam emails? For a long time I removed a contact form from this site because of how bad it was. But that meant that people who genuinly wanted to get in touch may have struggled to, other than via social media.

So, it’s back, but now it has 2 additional tick boxes, which must be ticked for the message to send. One confirms that they’re not asking for WordPress plugin support and the other confirms that they’re not contacting me for marketing purposes. In addition, I state that by ticking those boxes I reserve the right to publicly mention them if they abuse this.

To that end, welcome to my wall of shame, where I shame the spammers (and I let them know too). And if you’re thinking of contacting me just to get on this page and gain some kind of SEO advantage, everything is nofollow. Sorry, not sorry.

Kudos to Mika Epstein for the idea.

Pluggable Inc.

Pluggable would love me to host my WordPress plugins in their third party directory. Did I ask them to contact me? Nope. Did they ticket the box to say that they weren’t contacting me for marketing purposes? Yep. Did they also acknowledge that by doing so I could add their details here? Of course.

Well done, Mustakim Ahmed.


Requesting guest posts – one of the very specific things that I give as an example of what I DON’T WANT.

But, something is off with this “Link Building Agency”. The footer lists them as “Brandify”, which is actually the name of the WordPress theme they’re using. And, yeah, if you’re going to use an off-the-shelf theme, it’s important to make sure you update everything. Unless this really is their list of customers…

Other than that, their site is full of missing links or links to blank pages. Oh, and no social media that I can find.

A serious business? I think not “Jose King”. I’m not even going to link to them.


First person to fail this was “Jessica” from ThemeNcode, who contacted me to promote one of their WordPress plugins. She ticked the box to confirm that this wasn’t marketing, yet I’ve never had any dealings with this company so this was most definately unrequested spam marketing.

Well done on being first.