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The Legoland loop (updated)

After a recent trip of Legoland, Windsor, I’ve had to turn to their customer service to resolve an issue. But it’s all got stuck in a loop where they direct me to a third party and third party direct me back to them.

Here’s what happened… my daughter went on a ride called “Driving School”, where you get to drive small, electric cars around a track to earn a driving licence. Before you go on, they take your photo and give you a slip of paper with a code in. The licence, though, is extra cost and there are different packages available. We paid £12, which is for a driving licence, certificate and the option to download a photo that was taken of our daughter. At the desk, you hand over the slip you were given earlier, and pay your money. Everything was put into a bag – except for the licence, which my daughter wanted to wear.

So far, so good.

But when we got home, I read the instructions for the picture download and it states that I have to use a code on that slip to download it. Except we don’t have it and I can’t remember it ever being put in the bag.

Customer Service

Thomas Cook: my own experience

Thomas Cook have gone into administration and from own, admittedly short, experience, it really doesn’t surprise me.

Of course, I have a huge sympathies for all those people who have lost their jobs, have lost money that they’ve paid or are, right now, stranded abroad. But after using them just the once I decided to never do so again (and I never did).

Here’s the story…

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The Amazon Assistant offer that isn’t working

Just over a week ago, I recieve an offer via Amazon Assistant. For those who don’t use it, Amazon Assistant is a browser plug-in that provides information on offers, orders and can make it easy to add items to your Amazon Wish List.

The offer was simple – go into Amazon Assistant at least once over 5 days and they’ll give you a £5 credit to spend. Great.

But it didn’t work.

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I really don’t understand airport security

It’s become an on-going joke with my work colleagues that I have issues with security at airports. And no one airport has been as bad as Manchester.

I’m just back from a family holiday in Germany and we flew out from Manchester and, let’s say, they really excelled themselves this time.

Customer Service

How do I contact Google?

For all it’s number of employees and the billions of dollars that it makes, Google is pretty poor when it comes to providing customer service. That’s if you can find anyone to provide a service. Google relies on forums and help pages with little backup if they don’t help. Indeed, even their social network accounts are only a one-way experience, with no assisting being made available.

But, let’s be honest, when it comes to reporting to them a breach of their Terms of Service and, potentially, illegal use of one of their product names, they’ll be a lot easier to contact. Right?